Gen Chem Exam 1

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  1. Law of Conservation of Mass
    • Antoine Lavoisier
    • Matter is neither created nor destroyed.
    • Total mass of reactants=total mass of products
  2. Law of Definite Proportions
    • Joseph Proust
    • All samples of a given compound, regardless of their source or how they were prepared, have the same proportions of their constituent elements.
  3. Law of Multiple Proportions
    • John Dalton
    • When two elements (call them A and B) form two different compounds, the masses of B that combine with 1 g of A can be expressed as a ration of small whole numbers.
  4. Dalton's Atomic Theory
    • Matter is indivisible particles.
    • 1. Each element is composed of tiny, indestructible particles called atoms
    • 2. All atoms of a given element have the same mass and other properties that distinguish them from atoms of other elements.
    • 3. Atoms combine in simple, whole-number ratios to form molecules of compounds.
    • 4. In a chemical rxn atoms of one element cannot change into atomos of another element, they simply rearrange.
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