anatomy 7

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  1. central conal
    holds blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves
  2. consentric lamellae
    circular extracellular matrix
  3. lacunae
    small spaces that hold osteocytes
  4. canaliculi
    • fingerlike conections filled with extracellular fluid
    • connect lacunae: provide routes for nutrients and oxygen and removal of waste.
  5. cancellous bone
    spongy bone
  6. trabeculae
    lamellae arranged in irregular collums
  7. space for red bone marrow
    • produce blood cells, and yellow bone marrow
    • spongy bone
  8. long bones
    • long, curved for strength, compact bone tissue
    • humerus, ulna, radius, femur, fibia, tibula
  9. epiphysis
    • end of the long bone
    • holds veins and arteries
  10. metaphysis
    between end and shaft
  11. diaphysis
    • shaft of longbone
    • muscle attachment area
  12. articular cartilage
    hyaline cartilage, bone meets joint
  13. periosteum
    tough connective tissue covering
  14. medullary cavity
    contains yellow bone marrow and blood vessels
  15. endosteum
    lines the medullary cavity of a lb
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