Lesson 15B

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  1. mesiagaru /-u; mesiagatte/
    eat; drink; smoke /honorific-polite/
  2. ryoori
  3. tyuuka-ryoori
    Chinese cooking
  4. naka
    inside, within
  5. soto
  6. A to B to C no uti de or A to B to C no naka de
    pleasing; like
  7. suki/osuki /na/
    pleasing, like
  8. itiban
    most, to the greatest degree
  9. itiban suki da
    is most pleasing; like best
  10. kirai /na/
    displeasing; dislike
  11. setto-menyuu
    set menu (the special fixed meals on a menu)
  12. kotira ni natt(e) orimasu
    [it] has come to be here
  13. kono mit-tu no uti de OR kono mit-tu no naka de
    being among these three things
  14. itiban hayai
    is fastest
  15. daitai
    for the most part
  16. itiban hayaku dekiru
    can be done fastest
  17. ee-setto
    the "A" meal, the "A" speical
  18. zikan ga kakaru
    take time
  19. hoka
    other, another, other than
  20. narubeku
    as much as possible
  21. narubeku
    as much as possible
  22. yawarakai /-katta/
    is soft; is tender
  23. katai /-katta/
    is hard; is stiff; is tough
  24. amai /-katta/
    is sweet; is bland
  25. suppai /-katta/
    is sour, is acid
  26. karai /-katta/
    is spicy; is salty
  27. usui /-katta/
    is thin (of liquids); is weak (of coffee, tea, etc.); is pale (of colors)
  28. koi /-katta/
    is thick (of liquids); is strong (of coffee, tea, etc.); is dark (of colors)
  29. (o)sara
  30. koohiikappu
    coffee cup
  31. tyawan/otyawan
    bowl (for rice)
  32. koppu
  33. (o)wan
    bowl (for soup)
  34. yunomi
    teacup (Japanese style)

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Lesson 15B
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Lesson 15B

Lesson 15B
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