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  1. dennotion
    generalized meaning assigned to a word
  2. interpersonel competence
    ability to to interpret the contents of a message & ability to use language and nonverbal behaiviors stratigically
  3. social cognitive competence
    ability to interpret contents within interactions from the pov of ea participant
  4. message competency
    ability to use language and nonverbal behaviors stratigically in the intervention phase of the NP to achieve goals
  5. theraputic communications
    interactive process with the purpose of achieving identified health related goals
  6. reframing
    changing the frame in which a person recieves events in order to change meaning
  7. acculturation
    descroption of how a person of a diff culture initially klearns to the behaviors and norms and begins to adopt its bevaviors
  8. assimilation
    persons full adoption of behaviors, customs,values, & lang
  9. intercultural communication
    converstaionts between ppl from diff cultures
  10. cultural competence
    set of cultural behaviors and attitudes integrated into practices that enable the to work effectively cross culturaly
  11. cultural sensitivity
    ability to be appropriatly responsive to the attitudes and feelings or circumstances of a group of ppl that share a common/distinctive race,religion etc
  12. health disparaties
    chained of events signified byu a difference in the envirojnmetn, acces to, utilization of, quality of care. health status, or particular health outcome
  13. ego integrity
    capacity of older adult to look back on their lives with satisfaction and few regrets
  14. ego despair
    failure of a person to accept ones life as appropriate and meaningful
  15. stress
    physiological and psychological response to presence of a stressor
  16. stressor
    a demand, situation, interpersonal stimuli or circumstance that threatens a persons security or self integrity
  17. eustress
    short term mild level of stress
  18. distress
    negative stress that causes higher level of anxiety
  19. primary appraisal
    refers to stressor or stressful event itself
  20. secondary appraisal
    person perception of personal coping skills & resources vaialable to aid in reduction of stressor impacts
  21. anticipatory guidance
    description of the process of sharing info about a circumstance, concern, or situation before it occurs
  22. crisis state
    acute normal responce to severly abnormal circumstances
  23. critical incident
    an event which is outside the usual range of experinces
  24. critical incident debriefing
    type of crisis intervention used to help a group of ppl who have witness or exoperienced mass trauma
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