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  1. revocar
    to revoke, to repeal
  2. revolver
    to revolve, to turn around, to turn over, to turn upside down
  3. robar
    to rob, to steal
  4. rogar
    to supplicate, to ask, to ask for, to request, to beg, to pray
  5. romper
    to break, to shatter, to tear
  6. saber
    to know, to know how
  7. sacar
    to take out, to get
  8. sacudir
    to shake, to jerk, to jolt
  9. salir
    to go out, to leave
  10. saltar
    to jump, to leap, to hop, to spring
  11. saludar
    to greet, to salute
  12. satisfacer
    to satisfy
  13. secar
    to dry, to wipe dry
  14. secarse
    to dry oneself
  15. seguir
    to follow, to pursue, to continue
  16. señalar
    to signal, to indicate, to point out, to show
  17. sentarse
    to sit down
  18. sentir
    to feel sorry, to regret, to feel
  19. sentirse
    to feel (well, ill)
  20. separar
    to separate, to detach, to sort, to set apart
  21. ser
    to be
  22. servir
    to serve
  23. socorrer
    to help, to aid, to assist, to succor
  24. sofocar
    to choke, to smother, to suffocate, to stifle
  25. soler
    to be accustomed to, to be in the habit of, to have the custom of
  26. sollozar
    to sob, to whimper
  27. someter
    to subdue, to subject, to surrender, to submit
  28. sonar
    to ring, to echo, to resound, to sound
  29. soñar
    to dream
  30. sonreír
    to smile
  31. soplar
    to blow, to blow out
  32. sorprender
    to surprise, to astonish
  33. sospechar
    to suspect
  34. sostener
    to sustain, to support, to maintain, to uphold
  35. subir
    to go up, to come up, to climb, to rise, to mount, to get on (a train, bus, etc.)
  36. subrayar
    to underline, to underscore, to emphasize
  37. subscribir
    to subscribe, to agree with, to sign
  38. suceder
    to happen
  39. sufrir
    to suffer, to endure, to bear up, to undergo
  40. sugerir
    to hint, to insinuate, to suggest
  41. sumergir
    to submerge, to plunge, to immerse, to sink
  42. suponer
    to suppose, to assume
  43. suprimir
    to suppress, to abolish, to cancel (in mathematics), to eliminate
  44. surgir
    to surge, to appear, to spout, to spurt
  45. suspirar
    to sigh
  46. tañer
    to pluck, to play (a stringed instrument)
  47. telefonear
    to telephone
  48. telegrafiar
    to telegraph, to cable
  49. temblar
    to tremble, to quake, to quiver, to shake, to shiver
  50. temer
    to fear, to dread
  51. tender
    to extend, to offer, to stretch, to spread out, to hang out (washing)
  52. tener
    to have, to hold
  53. tentar
    to examine by touch, to feel with the fingers, to attempt, to try
  54. terminar
    to end, to terminate, to finish
  55. venir
    to come
  56. tirar
    to pull, to draw, to pitch (a ball), to shoot (a gun), to throw, to fling
  57. ver
    to see
  58. tocar
    to play (a musical instrument), to touch
  59. tomar
    to take, to have (something to eat or to drink)
  60. zurcir
    to darn, to mend
  61. tostar
    to toast, to tan, to roast (coffee)
  62. trabajar
    to work, to labor
  63. traducir
    to translate
  64. traer
    to bring
  65. tratar
    to try, to treat a subject
  66. tropezar
    to stumble, to blunder
  67. unir
    to connect, to unite, to join, to bind, to attach
  68. usar
    to use, to employ, to wear
  69. utilizar
    to utilize
  70. vaciar
    to empty
  71. valer
    to be worth
  72. velar
    to stay awake, to guard, to watch over
  73. vencer
    to conquer, to overcome, to defeat
  74. vender
    to sell
  75. vestirse
    to dress oneself, to get dressed
  76. viajar
    to travel
  77. vigilar
    to watch (over), to keep guard, to look out for
  78. visitar
    to visit
  79. vivir
    to live
  80. volar
    to fly
  81. volver
    to return, to go back
  82. votar
    to vote, to vow
  83. yacer
    to lie down, to be lying down, to lie in a grave
  84. zumbar
    to buzz, to hum, to flutter around
  85. mostrar
    to show, to point out
  86. mover
    to move, to persuade, to excite
  87. mudarse
    to change one's clothes, to change one's place of residence, to move
  88. nacer
    to be born
  89. nadar
    to swim
  90. navegar
    to navigate, to sail
  91. necesitar
    to need
  92. negar
    to deny
  93. nevar
    to snow
  94. obedecer
    to obey
  95. observar
    to observe
  96. obtener
    to obtain, to get
  97. ocultarse
    to hide oneself
  98. ocupar
    to occupy
  99. ocurrir
    to occur, to happen
  100. ofrecer
    to offer
  101. oír
    to hear
  102. oler
    to smell, to scent
  103. olvidar
    to forget
  104. oponer
    to oppose
  105. ordenar
    to order, to command, to put in order, to arrange
  106. organizar
    to organize, to arrange, to set up
  107. osar
    to dare, to venture
  108. pagar
    to pay
  109. parar
    to stop (someone or something)
  110. pararse
    to stop (oneself)
  111. parecer
    to seem, to appear
  112. parecerse
    to resemble each other, to look alike
  113. partir
    to leave, to depart, to divide, to split
  114. pasar
    to pass (by), to happen, to spend (time)
  115. pasearse
    to take a walk, to parade
  116. pedir
    to ask for, to request
  117. pegar
    to beat, to hit, to slap, to stick, to glue, to paste
  118. peinarse
    to comb one's hair
  119. pensar
    to think
  120. percibir
    to perceive
  121. perder
    to lose
  122. perdonar
    to pardon, to forgive, to excuse
  123. permitir
    to permit, to admit, to allow, to grant
  124. pertenecer
    to pertain, to appertain, to belong
  125. pintar
    to paint
  126. pintarse
    to make up (one's face), to tint, to color (one's hair, lips, etc.)
  127. pisar
    to tread (on), to step on, to trample
  128. placer
    to gratify, to humor, to please
  129. platicar
    to chat, to talk over, to discuss
  130. poder
    to be able, can
  131. poner
    to put, to place
  132. ponerse
    to put on (clothing), to become, to set (of sun)
  133. poseer
    to possess, to own
  134. practicar
    to practice
  135. predecir
    to predict, to forecast, to foretell
  136. predicar
    to preach
  137. preferir
    to prefer
  138. preguntar
    to ask, to inquire, to question
  139. preocuparse
    to be concerned, to worry, to be worried
  140. preparar
    to prepare
  141. prepararse
    to be prepared, to get ready, to prepare oneself
  142. presentar
    to present, to display, to show, to introduce
  143. prestar
    to lend
  144. principiar
    to begin
  145. probar
    to test, to prove, to try, to try on
  146. probarse
    to try on (clothes)
  147. proclamar
    to proclaim, to promulgate
  148. producir
    to produce, to cause
  149. prohibir
    to prohibit, to forbid
  150. pronunciar
    to pronounce
  151. proteger
    to protect
  152. pulir
    to polish
  153. quedarse
    to remain, to stay
  154. quejarse
    to complain, to grumble
  155. quemar
    to burn, to fire
  156. querer
    to want, to wish
  157. quitarse
    to take off (clothing), to remove oneself, to withdraw
  158. raer
    to scrape, to rub off, to erase, to wipe out
  159. realizar
    to realize, to carry out, to fulfill
  160. recibir
    to receive, to get
  161. recoger
    to pick (up), to gather, to harvest
  162. recomendar
    to recommend, to commend, to advise
  163. reconocer
    to recognize, to acknowledge, to be grateful for
  164. recordar
    to remember, to recall, to remind
  165. referir
    to refer, to relate
  166. regalar
    to give as a present, to make a present of, to give as a gift
  167. regar
    to water, to irrigate, to sprinkle
  168. reírse
    to laugh
  169. regresar
    to return, to go back, to regress
  170. reír
    to laugh
  171. rellenar
    to refill, to fill again, to stuff
  172. remitir
    to remit, to forward, to transmit
  173. reñir
    to scold, to quarrel
  174. reparar
    to mend, to repair, to notice, to observe
  175. repartir
    to distribute, to deal cards
  176. repetir
    to repeat
  177. resolver
    to resolve, to solve (a problem)
  178. responder
    to answer, to reply, to respond
  179. retirar
    to retire, to withdraw
  180. retrasar
    to delay, to retard
  181. reunirse
    to assemble, to get together, to meet, to gather
  182. escuchar
    to listen (to)
  183. dar
    to give
  184. esparcir
    to scatter, to spread
  185. esperar
    to expect, to hope, to wait (for)
  186. esquiar
    to ski
  187. establecer
    to establish
  188. estar
    to be
  189. gemir
    to grieve, to groan, to moan
  190. estimar
    to estimate, to esteem, to respect, to value
  191. estudiar
    to study
  192. exigir
    to demand, to urge, to require
  193. explicar
    to explain
  194. expresar
    to express
  195. fabricar
    to fabricate, to manufacture
  196. gobernar
    to govern, to rule
  197. gozar
    to enjoy
  198. faltar
    to be lacking, to be wanting, to lack, to miss, to need
  199. felicitar
    to congratulate, to felicitate
  200. festejar
    to feast, to entertain, to celebrate
  201. fiar
    to confide, to trust
  202. fijarse
    to take notice, to pay attention, to settle
  203. fingir
    to feign, to pretend
  204. firmar
    to sign
  205. formar
    to form, to shape
  206. fregar
    to wash dishes, to scrub
  207. freír
    to fry
  208. fumar
    to smoke
  209. funcionar
    to function, to run (machine)
  210. ganar
    to earn, to gain, to win
  211. gastar
    to spend (money), to wear out, to waste
  212. gritar
    to shout, to scream, to shriek, to cry out
  213. gruñir
    to grumble, to grunt, to growl, to creak
  214. guiar
    to lead, to guide
  215. gustar
    to be pleasing (to), to like
  216. haber
    to have (as an auxiliary, helping verb to form the compound tenses)
  217. habitar
    to inhabit, to dwell, to live, to reside
  218. hablar
    to talk, to speak
  219. hacer
    to do, to make
  220. hallar
    to find, to discover, to locate
  221. helar
    to freeze
  222. heredar
    to inherit
  223. herir
    to harm, to hurt, to wound
  224. huir
    to escape, to flee, to run away, to slip away
  225. ignorar
    to be ignorant of, not to know
  226. impedir
    to hinder, to impede, to prevent
  227. importar
    to matter, to be important
  228. imprimir
    to imprint, to impress, to print, to fix in the mind
  229. incluir
    to include, to enclose
  230. indicar
    to indicate, to point out
  231. inducir
    to induce, to influence, to persuade
  232. influir
    to influence
  233. informarse
    to inform oneself, to find out
  234. inscribir
    to inscribe, to record, to register
  235. inscribirse
    to enroll, to register
  236. insistir
    to insist, to persist
  237. interesarse
    to be interested in
  238. introducir
    to introduce
  239. invitar
    to invite
  240. ir
    to go
  241. irse
    to go away
  242. jugar
    to play (a game, sport)
  243. juntar
    to join, to unite, to connect
  244. jurar
    to swear, to take an oath
  245. juzgar
    to judge
  246. lanzar
    to throw, to hurl, to fling, to launch
  247. lastimarse
    to hurt oneself, to feel sorry for, to complain, to regret
  248. lavar
    to wash
  249. lavarse
    to wash oneself
  250. leer
    to read
  251. levantar
    to lift, to raise
  252. levantarse
    to get up, to rise
  253. limpiar
    to clean
  254. limpiarse
    to clean oneself
  255. llamar
    to call, to name
  256. llamarse
    to call oneself, to be named
  257. llegar
    to arrive
  258. llenar
    to fill
  259. llevar
    to carry (away), to take (away), to wear
  260. llorar
    to weep, to cry, to whine
  261. llover
    to rain
  262. luchar
    to fight, to strive, to struggle, to wrestle
  263. maldecir
    to curse
  264. manejar
    to manage, to handle, to drive, to operate (a vehicle)
  265. mantener
    to maintain, to keep up, to support, to provide for
  266. marcar
    to mark, to note, to observe
  267. marchar
    to walk, to march, to function (machine), to run (machine)
  268. marcharse
    to go away, to leave
  269. matar
    to kill
  270. medir
    to measure, to weigh, to scan (verses)
  271. mejorar
    to improve
  272. mencionar
    to mention
  273. mentir
    to lie, to tell a lie
  274. merecer
    to merit, to deserve
  275. mirar
    to look, to look at, to watch
  276. mirarse
    to look at oneself, to look at each other (uno a otro, unos a otros)
  277. mojarse
    to get wet, to wet oneself
  278. montar
    to mount, to go up, to climb, to get on, to wind (a watch)
  279. morder
    to bite
  280. morir
    to die
  281. componer
    to compose
  282. comprar
    to buy, to purchase
  283. comprender
    to understand
  284. conducir
    to lead, to conduct, to drive
  285. confesar
    to confess
  286. conocer
    to know, to be acquainted with
  287. conseguir
    to attain, to get, to obtain
  288. constituir
    to constitute, to make up
  289. construir
    to construct, to build
  290. contar
    to count, to relate, to tell
  291. contener
    to contain, to hold
  292. contestar
    to answer, to reply
  293. continuar
    to continue
  294. contribuir
    to contribute
  295. convencer
    to convince
  296. convenir
    to agree, to convene
  297. convertir
    to convert
  298. convocar
    to call together, to convene, to convoke, to summon
  299. corregir
    to correct
  300. correr
    to run, to race, to flow
  301. cortar
    to cut, to cut off, to cut out
  302. costar
    to cost
  303. crecer
    to grow
  304. creer
    to believe
  305. criar
    to breed, to raise, to bring up (rear)
  306. cruzar
    to cross
  307. cubrir
    to cover
  308. cuidarse
    to take care of oneself
  309. cumplir
    to fulfill, to keep (a promise), to reach one's birthday (use with años)
  310. deber
    to owe, must, ought
  311. decidir
    to decide
  312. decir
    to say, to tell
  313. declarar
    to declare
  314. dedicarse
    to devote oneself
  315. defender
    to defend
  316. dejar
    to let, to permit, to allow, to leave
  317. delinquir
    to be delinquent, to violate the law
  318. demostrar
    to demonstrate, to prove
  319. denunciar
    to denounce
  320. depender
    to depend
  321. derribar
    to knock down, to overthrow, to tear down, to throw down
  322. desayunarse
    to breakfast, to have breakfast
  323. descansar
    to rest
  324. describir
    to describe, to delineate
  325. descubrir
    to discover
  326. desear
    to desire, to wish, to want
  327. desempeñar
    to play (a part), to act (a part), to discharge, to perform (a duty), to take out of pawn
  328. deshacer
    to undo, to destroy, to take apart
  329. despedirse
    to take leave of, to say good-bye to
  330. despegar
    to detach, to unglue, to unstuck, to take off (airplane)
  331. desperezarse
    to stretch oneself, to stretch one's arms and legs
  332. despertarse
    to wake up oneself
  333. destruir
    to destroy
  334. desvestirse
    to undress oneself, to get undressed
  335. detener
    to stop (someone or something), to detain
  336. detenerse
    to stop (oneself)
  337. devolver
    to return (an object), to refund, to give back
  338. dibujar
    to design, to draw, to sketch
  339. dirigir
    to direct
  340. disculparse
    to apologize, to excuse (oneself)
  341. discutir
    to discuss
  342. dispensar
    to excuse, to dispense, to distribute, to exempt
  343. distinguir
    to distinguish
  344. divertirse
    to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
  345. divorciarse
    to be (get) divorced
  346. doler
    to ache, to pain, to hurt, to cause grief, to cause regret
  347. dormir
    to sleep
  348. ducharse
    to take a shower, to shower oneself
  349. dudar
    to doubt
  350. echar
    to cast, to fling, to hurt, to pitch, to throw
  351. ejecutar
    to execute, to carry out, to perform
  352. ejercer
    to exercise, to practice (a professional)
  353. elegir
    to elect, to select, to choose
  354. embeber
    to soak in, to soak up, to suck in, to imbibe
  355. empezar
    to begin, to start
  356. emplear
    to employ, to use
  357. encender
    to incite, to inflame, to kindle, to light
  358. encerrar
    to enclose, to lock up, to confine
  359. celebrar
    to celebrate
  360. encontrar
    to meet, to encounter, to find
  361. enfadarse
    to become angry
  362. enfermarse
    to get sick, to fall sick, to become sick, to fall ill, to become ill
  363. enojarse
    to become angry, to get angry, to get cross
  364. enseñar
    to teach, to show, to point out
  365. entender
    to understand
  366. entrar
    to enter, to go (in), to come (in)
  367. entregar
    to deliver, to hand over, to give
  368. enunciar
    to enunciate, to state
  369. enviar
    to send
  370. envolver
    to wrap up
  371. equivocarse
    to be mistaken
  372. erguir
    to raise, to stand up straight
  373. errar
    to err, to wander, to roam, to miss
  374. escoger
    to choose, to select
  375. escribir
    to write
  376. advertir
    to advise, to give notice, to give warning, to take notice of, to warn
  377. afeitarse
    to shave oneself
  378. agarrar
    to grasp, to obtain, to seize, to catch, to clutch, to come upon
  379. agitar
    to agitate, to wave, to shake up, to stir
  380. agotar
    to exhaust, to use up
  381. agradar
    to please, to be pleasing
  382. agradecer
    to thank, to be thankful for
  383. agrandar
    to enlarge, to grow larger, to increase
  384. agravar
    to aggravate, to make worse
  385. agregar
    to add, to collect, to gather, to aggregate, to collate
  386. agrupar
    to group
  387. aguardar
    to expect, to wait for
  388. ahorrar
    to economize, to save
  389. alcanzar
    to reach, to overtake
  390. alegrarse
    to be glad, to rejoice
  391. almorzar
    to lunch, to have lunch
  392. alquilar
    to hire, to rent
  393. alumbrar
    to illuminate, to light, to enlighten
  394. alumbrarse
    to be (get) high, to get tipsy, to become lively (from liquor)
  395. alzar
    to heave, to lift, to pick up, to raise (prices)
  396. amar
    to love
  397. añadir
    to add
  398. andar
    to walk
  399. anunciar
    to announce, to foretell, to proclaim
  400. apagar
    to put out (flame, fire), to extinguish, to turn off (flame, fire, light)
  401. aparecer
    to appear, to show up
  402. aplaudir
    to applaud
  403. apoderarse
    to take power, to take possession
  404. apreciar
    to appreciate, to appraise, to esteem
  405. aprender
    to learn
  406. apresurarse
    to hasten, to hurry, to rush
  407. aprobar
    to approve, to pass a test
  408. aprovecharse
    to take advantage, to avail oneself
  409. apurarse
    to fret, to grieve, to worry
  410. arrancar
    to root up (out), to pull up (out), to tear off (away), to snatch
  411. arreglar
    to fix, to arrange, to adjust, to regulate, to settle, to repair
  412. arrojar
    to fling, to hurl, to throw
  413. articular
    to articulate, to pronounce distinctly
  414. asegurar
    to assure, to affirm, to assert, to insure
  415. asir
    to seize, to grasp
  416. asistir
    to attend, to assist, to be present
  417. asustarse
    to be frightened, to be scared
  418. atacar
    to attack
  419. atenerse
    to rely on, to depend on
  420. atraer
    to attract, to allure, to charm
  421. atravesar
    to cross, to go through, to run through
  422. atreverse
    to dare, to venture
  423. avanzar
    to advance
  424. averiguar
    to find out, to inquire, to investigate
  425. ayudar
    to help, to aid, to assist
  426. bailar
    to dance
  427. bajar
    to lower, to let down, to come down, to go down, to descend
  428. balbucear
    to stammer, to hesitate in speech
  429. bañarse
    to bathe oneself, to take a bath
  430. barrer
    to sweep, to whisk
  431. bastar
    to be enough, to be sufficient, to suffice
  432. bautizar
    to baptize, to christen
  433. beber
    to drink
  434. bendecir
    to bless, to consecrate
  435. borrar
    to erase, to cross out
  436. bostezar
    to yawn, to gape
  437. botar
    to fling, to cast (away), to throw (away), to launch
  438. broncear
    to bronze, to tan
  439. bullir
    to boil, to bustle, to hustle, to stir
  440. burlarse
    to make fun of, to poke fun at, to ridicule
  441. buscar
    to look for, to seek
  442. caber
    to be contained, to fit into
  443. caer
    to fall
  444. caerse
    to fall, to fall down, to tumble
  445. calentar
    to heat (up), to warm (up)
  446. callarse
    to be silent, to keep quiet
  447. calzar
    to shoe, to wear (shoes), to put on (shoes)
  448. cambiar
    to change
  449. caminar
    to walk, to move along
  450. casarse
    to get married, to marry
  451. cansarse
    to become tired, to become weary, to get tired
  452. cantar
    to sing
  453. caracterizar
    to characterize
  454. cargar
    to load, to burden
  455. cenar
    to have supper, to eat supper
  456. cepillar
    to brush
  457. cerrar
    to close
  458. certificar
    to certify, to register (a letter), to attest
  459. charlar
    to chat, to prattle
  460. chistar
    to mumble, to mutter
  461. chupar
    to suck
  462. cocinar
    to cook
  463. coger
    to seize, to take, to grasp, to grab, to catch
  464. colegir
    to collect
  465. colgar
    to hang (up)
  466. colocar
    to put, to place
  467. comenzar
    to begin, to commence, to start
  468. comer
    to eat
  469. abatir
    to knock down, to overthrow, to throw down
  470. abrasar
    to burn, to set on fire
  471. abrazar
    to embrace, to hug; to clamp
  472. abrir
    to open
  473. absolver
    to absolve, to acquit
  474. abstenerse
    to abstain
  475. aburrir
    to annoy, to bore, to vex
  476. aburrirse
    to be bored, to grow tired, to grow weary
  477. acabar
    to finish, to end, to complete
  478. acelerar
    to accelerate, to speed, to hasten, to hurry
  479. aceptar
    to accept
  480. acercar
    to bring near, to place near
  481. acercarse
    to approach, to draw near
  482. acertar
    to hit the mark, to hit upon, to do (something) right, to succeed in, to guess right
  483. aclamar
    to acclaim, to applaud, to shout, to hail
  484. aclarar
    to explain, to clarify, to make clear, to rinse, to clear
  485. acompañar
    to accompany, to escort, to go with, to keep company
  486. aconsejar
    to advise, to counsel
  487. acordar
    to agree (upon)
  488. acordarse
    to remember
  489. acostarse
    to go to bed, to lie down
  490. acostumbrar
    to be accustomed
  491. acuchillar
    to knife, to cut, to flash, to cut open
  492. acudir
    to attend, to be present frequently, to respond (to a call), to come to the rescue
  493. acusar
    to accuse
  494. adelantar
    to advance, to keep on, to progress, to go ahead
  495. adelantarse
    to go forward, to go ahead, to move ahead, to take the lead
  496. adivinar
    to divine, to foretell, to guess
  497. admirar
    to admire
  498. admitir
    to admit, to grant, to permit
  499. adoptar
    to adopt
  500. adorar
    to adore, to worship
  501. adquirir
    to acquire, to get, to obtain
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