Muscle and Nervous Tissue

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  1. Types of muscle tissue
    • skeletal muscle
    • cardiac muscle
    • smooth muscle
  2. Skeletal muscle
    • attached to bones
    • striated (striped) and voluntary
  3. Cardiac muscle
    • found only in the heart
    • striated and involuntary
  4. Smooth muscle
    • wall of organs in gut (viscera) and wall of blood vessels
    • non-striated and involuntary
  5. Classification of muscle tissue
    • based on:
    • microscopic appearance
    • type
    • neural control of muscle tissue
  6. Three main regions of nervous tissue
    • central nervous system (CNS)
    • peripheral nervous system (PNS)
    • autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  7. Central Nervous System
    brain and spiral cord
  8. Peripheral nervous system
    peripheral nerves
  9. Autonomic nervous system
    sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  10. Nervous tissue cell types
    • neurons
    • neuroglial cells ("glial")
  11. Neurons
    • functional unit of the nervous system
    • conducts impulses from one cell to another
    • major parts of a neuron include the cell body (soma), axon, and dendrites
  12. Neuron cell body (soma)
    bulbous end of a neuron that contains the cell nucleus and other organelles
  13. Axon
    long, slender projection of a neuron that conducts electrical impulses away from the soma
  14. Dendrites
    branched projections of a neuron that act to receive/transmit signals from other neural cells to the soma
  15. Neuroglial cells ("glial")
    • support cells
    • several different types all working to support functions of neurons and the nervous system
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