Historical Terms #1

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  1. Pork Barrel
    excessive funding for local "pet" projects, aka waste of government money
  2. Paper Tiger
    a nation/ or candidate which falsely projects an image of strength
  3. Juice
    power to get things done
  4. Coattails
    popularity of one candidate extends to other party nominees (Roosevelt gvts)
  5. Waffle
  6. Fence Mending
    restore friendships
  7. Rainmaker
    money maker, can call someone for lots of money
  8. Nervous Nellies
    suffer from unreasonable fears
  9. Pooh-bah
    pompous big-shot, likes ceremonies
  10. Stonewalling
    to prevent investigation by silence
  11. Gut Issue
    emotional issue like abortion or homosexual marriage
  12. Egghead
    intellectual, too book learned, too theoretical
  13. Bandwagon
    growing popularity of a candidate beyond his base
  14. Pie in the Sky
    promise the impossible, political candidates do this during election time
  15. Grass Roots
    local support, bumber sticker of candidate
  16. Press the Flesh
    shake hands with the public, rapport
  17. Gobbledygook
  18. Redneck
    racist rural white voter, really harsh word
  19. Deep-Six
    dsrtory document, like destroying inciminating evidence
  20. Foggy Bottom
    Washington D.C., bc it was built in a swamp
  21. Whistleblower
    public employee who exposes corruption/ illegal activity
  22. Dark Horse
    a long shot candidate for a party's nomination
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