Vocab 2

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  1. altercation
    a noisy quarrel
  2. altruism
  3. ephemeral
    lasting for a very short time
  4. epitaph
    an inscription on a tombstone or brief summary of someone's life
  5. epitome
    a typical representation of something, a person who embodies a quality
  6. eponymous
    referring to the name of a person, mythical being, or a literary figure associated with something
  7. paradigm
    an example serving to illustrate a process, pattern, or concept
  8. paradox
    a statement that seems contradictorybut contains a truth or valid deduction
  9. paragon
    a model of excellence
  10. parameter
    a boundary
  11. peripatetic
    walking about
  12. peripheral
    pertaining to the boundary of an area, of minor importance
  13. anathema
    a person or thing detested or shunned, a curse
  14. antithesis
    an exact opposite, a rhetorical term juxtaposing contrasting ideas
  15. epithet
    a word or phrase used possitively or negatively that characterizes a person or thing, added to or replacing a name
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