New Testament

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  1. Realistic Notation of Canonization
    • Long process 350
    • organic / natural
    • Conspirarcy theories have no historical crediablity
  2. Arbitrary misguided notion regaurding canonization
    Emperor constantine/ pope/ groups of bishops decided what books would be in the NT
  3. Careful objective misguided notions about canonization
    Church leaders had a clear set of objective criteria
  4. Process of Canonization
    • 1. Writing the books
    • 2. The early circulation of these books to churches among the Roman Empore
    • 3. Books are used by churches
    • 4. Need to identify authoritive literature
    • 5. Formal recognition / approval of NT canon
  5. Result of Canonization
    • Some books were unanimously accepted such as the 4 gospels and 13 letters of paul
    • Some books were excluded such as Apoc of Peter
    • Some where considered Heretical like the Gospel of Peter
  6. Informal criteria used in forming the NT Canon
    • Autorship
    • Orthodoxy
    • Widespread use
    • Antiquity
  7. Significance of exile
    • Following the law became important
    • Formation of the synagogues
    • More developed thoughts on the afterlife / ressurection
    • Systems of angel/demonology developeed
  8. Alexander the Great created ......
  9. What is hellenization
    Spread the greek culture (lang, religionm entertainment, ideas, education) throughout the known world
  10. The Actions of Antiochaus IV "Eiphanes"
    • outlawed juduism and killed/torutured whoever remained faith to it
    • force preist to scarifice pigs in the temple
    • forced greek culture
    • looted jewish temples
  11. The Maccabean Revolt
    • after Antiochus issued his decrees forbidding Jewish religious practice Mattathias sparked the revolt against the Seleucid Empire:
    • -by refusing to worship the Greek gods.
    • -killed a Hellenistic Jew who stepped forward to offer a sacrifice to an idol in Mattathias' place.
  12. The War of Jewish independance
    • After Mattathias dies his son Judas takes control
    • the temple is cleansed and rededicated
  13. When was the Jewish independance?
    • 160 BC
    • Start of Hanukah
  14. The Hasmonean Dynasty
    • Ruled from 166-63 BC
    • Fought with the Selucid and eachother
    • They had mixed religion and politics which led to alot of corruption
  15. The Manner of Roman Rule
    Ruled by Client kings and Roman Governers (Herold the Great and Pontitus Pilate)
  16. The genre of the gospels
    Acient Biographies
  17. The synoptic problem
    Realities in text same stories, events, even wording but they also have there differences
  18. Historical criteria for evaluation the "historical Jesus"
    • Embarrassment
    • Multiple Attestation
    • Dissmilarity
    • Coharance
    • Crucifability
  19. Meaning of the "historical jesus"
    • we can verify through historical means
    • Son of God
    • Jew
    • God's messiah
    • crucified by Pontius Pilate
  20. What is common judaism?
    • Belief in one God
    • God created the world
    • God was sovereign over the entire world
    • They believed in the Torah
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