Foramina and Canals of the Skull and Mandible

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  1. Cribriform Plate
    olfacotry never CN1
  2. Optic foramen (optic canal)
    optic nerve CN2
  3. Superior Orbital fissure
    oculomoter (III), trochlear (IV), and abducens (VI)....ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve (V1); ophthalmic artery
  4. supraorbital formen (notch)
    supraorbital nerve of V1; supraorbital artery
  5. foramen rotundum
    maxillary division of trigeminal nerve (V2)
  6. infraorbital formen
    infraorbital nerve of V2; infraorbital artery
  7. formen ovale
    mandibular division of trigeminal nerve V3
  8. mandibular foramen and mandibular canal
    inferior alveolar nerve (branch of V3); inferior alveolar artery
  9. mental foramen
    • mental nerve
    • mental artery
  10. internal acoustic meatus
    • facial nerve (CNVII)- enters temporal bone
    • vestibulocochlear nerve (CNVIII)
  11. stylomastoid foramen
    facial nerve (VII)- exits temporal bone
  12. jugular foramen
    glossopharyngeal nerve (CNXI), Vagus nerve (X), accessory nerve (XI); sigmoid sinus becomes internal jugular vein
  13. Hypoglossal canal
    Hypoglossal nerve (CNXII)
  14. foramen magnum
    spinal cord, vertebral arteries
  15. formen spinosum
    middle meningeal artery
  16. carotid canal
    internal carotid artery
  17. foramen lacerum
    filled with carilage; nothing passes through it
  18. nasolacrimal canal
    (for drainage of tears from eye to nasal cavity)
  19. external acoustic meatus
    (external ear canal)
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