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  1. Communication
    is sending and recieving of information, ideas, feelings, or messages
  2. language
    is a system of abstract symbols and rule- goverened sturctures, the specific conventions of which are learned
  3. speech
    ^oral expression of language

    ^speech can exist in the absences of language, and language exists in the absences of speech
  4. echolaia
    an imitation of words phrases, or even whole sentences in the absence of an understanding of what they are saying
  5. Features of the human communication system
    • 1.vocal auditory channel
    • 2.broadcast transmission and directional reception
    • 3. Rapid fading
    • 4. interchange ability
    • 5. total feedback
    • 6. Specialization
    • 7. semanticity
    • 8. indexicality
    • 9. Arbitrariness
    • 10. Discreteness
    • 11. Displacement
    • 12. Productivity
    • 13. Duality of Patterning
  6. vocal auditory channel
    human communicate by forcing air through the vocal folds of the larynx and breaking the vibrating air stream into sounds of speech, which are organized into words and sentences.
  7. broadcast transmission and directional reception
    a sender and a reciever
  8. rapid fading
    means that speech signals are transitory
  9. interchangeability
    can say anything that is said by any other human being
  10. total feedback
    have the capacity to monitor what they say and how they say it.
  11. specialization
    speech is specifically designed for communication and serves no other purpose
  12. semanticity
    specificity of messages
  13. indexicality
    refers to the ability of a communicator to use situational context, as well as past experiences, in the production, reception, and interpretation of messages.
  14. Arbitrariness
    there isn othing inherent in a spoken word to account for its meaning
  15. Discrecteness
    has very specific characteristics so that sound is discrete.
  16. Displacement
    talk about things that are distant in time or space
  17. productivity
    • creative in their communication efforts
    • no matter the message is, however if we obey the rules of our language , the message will be understood by anyone who shares the language
  18. Duality of Patterning
    restricted in the # of sounds these sounds can be used to produce an infinite amount of words and the words can be combined into an infinite about of sentences.
  19. Traditional transmission
    speech is instinctive in humans
  20. Additional 4 possible features
    • Recursion
    • Prevarication
    • Reflexiveness
    • Learnability
  21. Recursion
    acquired knowledge to create language, imagine what other maybe thinking
  22. Prevarication
    intentianlly decieve others
  23. Reflexiveness
    to use language to talk about language
  24. learnability
    to take information from enviornment
  25. Hockett's speech chain
    • brain
    • think about it
    • through nervous system
    • the comes out
    • then taken in by the ear ( reciever)
    • lastly the listener's brain
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