anatomy 9

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  1. Interamembranous ossification
    flat bones, facial bones, mandible, collar bone
  2. Development of ossification center
    • step 1 IO
    • osteoblasts secrete extracellular matrix
  3. calcification
    • step 2 IO
    • calcium and other mineral salts are deposited and extracellular matrix hardens.
  4. formation of trabeculae
    • step 3 IO
    • extracellular matrix develops into trabeclae that fuse to form spongy bone.
  5. development of periosteum
    • step 4 IO
    • mesenchyme at end condensesbone to develop periosteum
  6. Endochondral ossification
    rebuilding bone
  7. development of cartilage model
    • step 1 EO
    • mesenchymal cells develop into chrondoblasts which form cartilage model
  8. growth of cartilage model
    • step 2 EO
    • growth occurs by cell division of chrondocytes
  9. development of primary ossification center
    • step 3 EO
    • bone tissue replaced most of cartilage
  10. development of medullary cavity
    • step 4 EO
    • bone breakdown by osteoclasts fors the medulary cavity
  11. development of 2nd ossification center
    • step 5 EO
    • occurs in epipyses of the bone
  12. formation of articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate
    • step 6 EO
    • both structures consist of hyaline cartilage
  13. Zone of Resting Cartilage
    • scattered chrodocytes
    • 1
  14. Zone of Proliferating cartilage
    • chrondocytes stacked like collumns
    • 2
  15. Zone of Hypertrophic carilage
    large maturing chrondocytes
  16. calcified cartilage
    dead chrondocytes matrix has calcified
  17. Human growth hormone
    promotes growth of all bone tissue
  18. insulinlike growth factors
    stimulates osteocytes to create more bone
  19. thyroid hormones
    promote growth by stimulating osteocyte
  20. sex hormones
    promote sudden grow spurt
  21. parathyroid hormone
    promotes bone reabsorbtion of osteoclasts
  22. calcitonin
    inhibits bone reabsorbtion by osteoclasts
  23. growth of bone depends on
    minerals, vitamins, hormones, and excersise
  24. In older women, levels of sex hormones dimishes and
    osteoclasts eat more than osteoblasts make so bone mass decreases= osteoperosis
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