History 102 Test 1

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  1. Protestant Reformation
    "Alone Before God"(A new world belief)

    Biggest Instigator- Martin Luther

    16th Century
  2. Indulgences
    Catholic Ministry started these, they were theological instruments

    -Paying to reduce the amount of years in Purgatory or forgive sins, could buy for you or for someone else.

    Martin Luther thought indulgences to be a sign of greed, hypocrisy and the moral rot of the church
  3. Martin Luther
    • Instigated Protestantism
    • Devout Christian
    • wrote 95 Theses(why church was wrong)
  4. 95 Theses
    Book written by Martin Luther

    Mainly discussed 95 reasons about how the church was wrong
  5. "Sola Fide"
    means "Faith Alone"

    This was Luther's core idea, that faith alone will save a man
  6. Counter-Reformation
    • Catholic attempt to reform itself in response to Luther's attack
    • The Council of Trent and Society of Jesus were the two main institutions devoted to this idea
    • This is where the Tridentine Creed was formed
  7. Society of Jesus
    Scholars... Also known as Jesuits
  8. Council of Trent
    • Where most of the laws are written for Catholicism and/or Creeds
    • ex. Tridentine Creed, Nicene Creed
  9. Heliocentric Model
    That the Sun was the center of the Solar System, not the Earth
  10. Galileo
    • Proved the Heliocentric Model
    • Church imprisoned him by Inquisition for going against their teachings and forced to recant
  11. Defenestration of Prague
    • Prague(an important city) became Protestant
    • Emporer sent 2 ministers to make them renounce Protestentism and they were Defenestrated(Thrown out of window)
    • Started 30 Year War
  12. Thirty Years War
    • A war between the Protestants and Catholics
    • 1/3 Of the German Population was killed.
    • War required enourmous resources from European nations
  13. The Pody Politic
    • God Appoints King, King rules for good of the people
    • Assumed a fundamental "consensus": that everyone agreed and worked together for the common good
    • It became insufficient in the 17th Century
  14. "The Sun King"
    • Louis XIV
    • as a child, terrified of "Fronde"(tax revolt brought by religious war)
    • He built Versailles to show his Absolutism
  15. Jacques Bossuet
    instituted Absolutism to satisfy Louis XIV
  16. Absolutism
    King is center of government
  17. Constitutionalism
    • Govern by a constitution for the people
    • Brought on by John Lockes' book "The Two Treaties of Government"

    ----This book stated that each individual had the right to "life, liberty, and the right to own property"
  18. Rights-In-People
    John Lockes' Rights- Life, Liberty and The Right To Own Property
  19. Commercial Revolution
    The world started its first International Economy run on Capitalism
  20. Triangular Trade
    • The exchange of goods and Slaves across the Atlantic
    • Slaves were brought to the America's by the Europeans
    • Majority of the slaves were brought to the Carribean Islands and South America
  21. Chattel Slavery
    America's view on slavery:

    • Slave was in between a human and animal
    • Not treated the same as in Africa
  22. John Barbot
    • Frenchman who traded with Oladuah Equiano
    • Realized how civilized the Africans really were
  23. Oladuah Equiano
    • King of main African Tribe
    • Traded with John Barbot and Europeans
  24. Shi'ite Muslims
    • Tend to be Fundamentalists and Theocratic
    • Leadership is invested in Imam(priests)
  25. Ottomans were ____
  26. Safavids were ______
  27. Hinduism
    • Main religion of India
    • "What Indians Do"
  28. Sufi Islam
    A mix of religions between Hinduism and Islam
  29. Mughals
    Small group of Hinduist Indians
  30. Jahangir
    • Son of Ackbar the Great
    • Killed/Took Over the other Princes(Rajahs) and united the lands
  31. Mansabdar system
    • A military system
    • A mansab, your rank, determined the amount of land and how much soldiers needed to bring to battle
  32. Civil Service Exam
    • Impossible test in China
    • took 31 years to prepare for
    • If passed you become a manderin
  33. Censors
    Investigate any claims of bad government(against ideas of Confucism)
  34. Eunuchs
    • Emporer's Assistants
    • Easy way to gain power at the cost of having your schlong cut off
  35. Filial Pity
    Father is in charge of household
  36. Three Relationships of Sorrow
    • Daughter was a burden to her parents
    • Wife was a burden to her husband
    • If father died, mother was a burden to children
  37. Foot-Binding
    • Breaking bones in feet and binding them together
    • Showed status and wealth
  38. Tokugawa
    • Family that took over all other families in Japan and united them together
    • Caused 2.5 centuries of Peace-Caused for modernization quickly
    • Held most power- Shogun not Emporer
  39. Shogunate
    • Government of Shogun
    • Shogun is head of government and is the General of the army
  40. Seppeku
  41. Bushido
    • "The way of the warrior"
    • "Protocol" in time of peace(honor)
  42. Japanese Society
    Divided into "Han"(provinces) that are ruled by Lords, the "Daimyo", that controlled the samurai

    Feudal System
  43. Japenese Confucianism Class System
    • Aristocrats
    • Samurai
    • Peasants
    • Merchants
  44. Chinese Confucianism Class System
    • Aristocracy
    • Manderins
    • Peasants
    • Merchants
  45. Confucianism
    • Started by Confucian
    • Stated how to live life with ideals and morals
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