Vocabulary 9/13

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  1. abhorrent
    in conflict; utterly opposed; loathsome; repugnant; odious; abominable
  2. abhor
    utterly detest; loathe; hate
  3. admonish
    reprove gently but seriously; warn of a fault; caution
  4. admonition
    gentle warning; friendly reproof
  5. ambrosial
    extremely pleasing to taste or smell; delicious; like ambrosia; heavenly
  6. confine
    shut up; imprision; keep in narrow, cramped quarters
  7. confinement
  8. decade
    period of ten years
  9. detonate
    explode with suddenness and violence; cause to explode
  10. detonation
  11. ephemeral
    lasting one day only; fleeting; transitory; short-lived; translent
  12. gullible
    easily deceived or cheated; credulous
  13. gull
    deceive; cheat
  14. haggle
    dispute or argue over a price in a petty way; bargin; wrangle
  15. immerse
    • plunge or place into a liquid; dip; duck
    • engross; absorb
  16. immersion
    state of being deeply engrossed; absorption
  17. insomnia
    inability to sleep; abnormal wakefulness; sleeplessness
  18. insomniac
    person suffering from insomnia
  19. lapse
    • slip; error; accidenal mistake; trivial fault
    • interval
  20. lapse
    cease being in foce; become invalid
  21. probe
    critical inquiry into suspected illegal activity; investigation
  22. prober
  23. render
    hand down officially; deliver; give
  24. rendering
    presentation; interpretation
  25. repast
    food for one occasion of eating; meal
  26. replenish
    bring back to condition of being full; refill
  27. score
    group or set of twenty; twenty
  28. snub
    act or instance of snubbing; rebuff; slight; insult
  29. snub
    treat with disdain or contempt; slight
  30. suture
    strand or fier used to sew part os the living boyd; also, stitch made with such material
  31. unwittingly
    unintentionally; by accident; inadvertently; unknowingly
  32. unwittingly(ant.)
  33. abhorrent(ant.)
  34. admonish(ant.)
  35. confine(ant.)
  36. ephemeral(ant.)
    permanent; perpetual
  37. gullible(ant.)
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