Geometry Test 1st Chapter 1

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  1. Point?
    Names a location and has NO size. Represented with dot.
  2. Lines?
    A straight path that has NO thickness and extends FOREVER
  3. Plane
    A flat surface w/o a thickness and extends forever
  4. 1.Collinear
    • 1. Points that line on the same line
    • 2.Points not on the same line.
  5. 1-Coplanar
    • 1-Points on the same plane
    • 2-Points not on the same plane
  6. Segment
    Part of a line consisting of 2 points
  7. Endpoint
    Point at the end of the segment
  8. Ray
    Part of the line that starts at an end and goes forever
  9. Opposite Rays
    2 Rays that have common endpoints
  10. Postulate
    Statement accepted as true but without proof.
  11. 1) P1.1.1
    2) P1.1.2
    3) P1.1.3
    4) P1.1.4
    5) P1.1.5
    • 1)Through any two points there is exactly one line
    • 2)Through any three noncollinear points there is exactly one plane containing them
    • 3) If 2 points lie in a plane, then the line containg those points lie in the plane
    • 4) If two lines intersect, then they intersect in exactly one POINT
    • 5) If 2 planes intersect, then they intersect in exactly one line
  12. Congruent segment
    Segments that have the same length. You MUST put line over letter. Tick marks also.
  13. Between
    All three points musty lie in the same line
  14. P1.2.2
    If B is BETWEEN A and C then AB+BC=AC
  15. Midpoint
    Point that bisects the segment equally
  16. A)Acute
    • A)Angle is less then 90
    • B)Angle greater than 90
    • C)Angle of 90. Must have Square
  17. Vertex
    Point where two line meet of an angle.
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