anatomy 13

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  1. bones of knee joint
    femur, tibia, patella, fibula
  2. ligament
    bone to bone
  3. tibial collateral ligament
    prevents medial displacement
  4. fibular collateral ligament
    prevent lateral displacement
  5. patellar ligament
    prevents anterior displacement
  6. arcuate/oblique popliteal ligament
    prevents posterior displacement
  7. Anterior cruciate ACL
    attaches tibia to femur, prevents hyperextension
  8. posterior cruciate PCL
    prevents posterior sliding
  9. Tendon
    muscle to bone
  10. major muscle of knee belong to
    quadriceps femoris
  11. lateral/medial patellar retinaculim
    (connective tissue)
  12. menisci
    made of fibrocartilage placed in areas of high stress
  13. Infrapatellar fat bad
    • behind/below knee
    • cushins and protects
  14. bursae
    • sacs filled with synovial fluid
    • extra cushining
  15. syncondroses
    area of growth plate
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