Vocab Mr. O'donnell

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  1. Acquisitive
    able to get and retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property

    • syn: greedy, grasping
    • ant: unretentive
  2. Arrogate
    to claim or take without right

    • syn: commandeer
    • ant: abandon
  3. banal
    hackneyed, trite, commonplace

    • syn: stale
    • ant: fresh
  4. belabor
    to work on excessively; to thrash soundly

    syn: overwork
  5. Carping
    tending to find fault; petty

    • syn: nit-picking
    • ant: approving
  6. coherent
    holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; meaningful

    • syn: connected, unified
    • ant: chaotic
  7. congeal
    to change from liquid to solid, thicken

    • syn: harden, solidify
    • ant: melt
  8. Emulate
    to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing

    syn: copy, mimic
  9. Encomium
    a formal expression of praise

    • syn: eulogy
    • ant: criticism
  10. eschew
    to avoid, shun, keep away from

    • syn: abstain from
    • ant: embrace
  11. Germane
    relevant, appropriate

    • syn: pertinent
    • ant: irrelevant
  12. insatiable
    so great or demanding as not to be satisfied

    syn: unquenchable
  13. intransigent
    refusing to compromise

    • syn: unyielding
    • ant: lukewarm, halfhearted
  14. invidious
    offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness

    • syn: malicious, pejorative
    • ant:flattering
  15. largesse
    generosity in giving; lavish contributions

    • syn: bounty
    • ant: stinginess
  16. reconnaissance
    a survey for military purpose
  17. substantiate
    to establish by evidence, prove

    • syn: verify, confirm
    • ant: disprove
  18. taciturn
    habitually silent or quiet
  19. temporize
    to stall or act evasively in order to gain time

    syn: procrasitinate
  20. tenable
    capable of being held or defended

  21. accost
    to approach and speak to first

    • syn: confront
    • ant: evade, avoid
  22. animadversion
    a comment indicating strong criticism

    • syn: rebuke
    • ant: praise
  23. avid
    desirous of something to the point of greed

    • syn: enthusiastic
    • ant: indeifferent
  24. brackish
    having a salty taste and unpleasant to drink

    ant: fresh
  25. celerity
    swiftness, rapid action

    • syn: speed
    • ant: slowness
  26. devious
    straying or wandering from a straight or direct course

    • syn: indirect
    • ant: straightforward
  27. gambit
    in chess, an opening move that involves risk or sacrfice

    syn: stratagem
  28. halcyon
    calm, peaceful; happy

    • syn: serene
    • ant: chaotic
  29. histrionic
    pertaining to actors and their techniques; theatrical

    syn: stagy
  30. incendiary
    deliberately setting or causing fires
  31. maelstrom
    a whirlpool of great size and violence
  32. myopic
  33. overt
    open, not hidden

    • syn: clear, obvious
    • ant: secret
  34. pejorative
    tending to make worse

    ant: complimentary
  35. propriety
    the state of being proper
  36. sacrilege
    improper treatment of something held sacred
  37. summarily
    without delay or formaility

    syn: promptly
  38. suppliant
    asking humbly and earnestly; a petitioner
  39. talisman
    an object that serves as a charm
  40. undulate
    to move with a wavelike motion
  41. Articulate
    to pronounce distinctly, to express well in words

    • syn: pronounce
    • ant: mumble
  42. cavort
    to make merry

    syn: gambol
  43. credence
    belief, mental acceptance

    • syn:trust
    • ant: disbelief
  44. decry
    to condemn, express strong disapproval

    • syn: denounce
    • ant: praise
  45. dissemble
    to disguise or conceal

    syn: mask
  46. distraught
    very agitated and upset

    • syn: frantic
    • ant: calm
  47. eulogy
    a formal statement of commendation

    • syn: encomium
    • ant: invective
  48. evince
    to display clearly, to provoke

    syn: manifest
  49. exhume
    to remove from a grave; to bring to light

    • syn: uncover
    • ant: bury
  50. feckless
    lacking in spirit and strength

    • syn: feeble, helpless
    • ant: effective
  51. murky
    dark and gloomy, obscure

    • syn: cloudy
    • ant: clear
  52. nefarious
  53. piquant
    stimulating to the taste of mind

    • syn: tangy
    • ant: bland
  54. Primordial
    developed or created at thee very beginning

    syn: original, primal
  55. proprinquity
    nearness in place or time

    • syn: proximity
    • ant: distance
  56. unwonted
    not usual or expected

    • syn: unusual, uncommon
    • ant: usual, typical
  57. utopian
    founded upon a visionary view of an ideal world

    • syn: idealistic
    • ant: realistic
  58. Verbiage
    wordiness; a manner of expression

    syn: jargon
  59. verdant
    green tint or color; immature

    • syn: naive
    • ant: barren
  60. viscous
    having a gluey quality

    • syn: sticky
    • ant: watery
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