Dental Assistance mod 170

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  1. Vacation days, sick days, insurance, and retirment plan.
  2. Introduces an applicant to a prospective employer.Cover letter should accompany all resumes sent by mail.
    Cover Letter
  3. Arrangement of information in the order of occurence, with the most recent information provided first.
    Chronological Resumes
  4. Provides career placement service for their students.
    Educational Institutes
  5. Agency that offers placement services.
    Employment Agency
  6. An outline of conditions for employment.
    Employment Agreement
  7. Resumes in which skins and abilities are placed first, according to importance, regadless of the time of occurence.
    Funtional Resume
  8. Resumes that combine the best feature or chronological and functional resumes in various arrangements while focusing only on information that is relevant to the current job objective
    Hybrid Resumes
  9. Helps you organize, plan, and follow through with emploment.
    Job Search Log
  10. Most common way to loo for jobs, employers place ads and describe avaliable position.
    Newspaper Advertisements
  11. Important component of your resume that identifies the position for whichyou are applying and is support by the information listed in the body of your resume.
  12. Resume that is posed on web site for prospective employers to review.
    Online Resume
  13. A collection of samples from your professional career. These are used as a source of information and an illustration of your skills, abilities, and strengths.
    Personal Career Portfolios
  14. A way of contacting other dental professionals and letting them know that you are seeking employment.
    Professional Networking
  15. Such as local chapters of the American Dental Association and the American Dental Assistance Association.
    Professinal Organization
  16. Personal marketing tools prepared with one goal to get a job interview.
  17. 4An agency that places applicants in positions for a specific lenght of time.
    Temporary Agencies
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