Flight authority

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  1. Where must the MEL located?
    In the aircraft
  2. Is a MEL transferable to another company on sale of aircraft?
  3. How long do you have to inform the minister of the sale of your aircraft?
    7 days
  4. what authority is needed to modify your aircraft with a spray boom?
    special C of A in restricted catagory
  5. When is a special c of a in affect?
    when it is entered in the journey log
  6. What ways can you submit applications for flight permit?
    Fax or Telex
  7. What is the most important requirement for every C of A?
    "Safe for flight"
  8. Who approves condition and conformity to manufacturers standards?
    An AME
  9. What are the 3 classifications of registration?
    • Private
    • commercial
    • State
  10. What kind of flight permit is needed for firefighting?
    Special c of a restricted
  11. What kind of C of A does an ultralight have?
  12. When an aircraft is sold what must be removed?
    Type S transponder
  13. How to obtain a lost C of R ?
    Owner must send written application
  14. List the 5 special C of A requirements?
    • Provision
    • amature built
    • restricted
    • limited
    • owner maintained
  15. 3 groups of flight authority?
    • C of A
    • Fllight permits
    • special C of A
  16. Where should the registation be located?
    in the aircraft
  17. Who sets the MMEL ?
    Manufacturer or TC
  18. AAIR (Annual Airworthiness Information report) form #?
  19. 4 types of registration?
    • Provisional
    • Temporary
    • continuing
    • interim
  20. Who is responsible for airworthiness?
    Owner of aircraft
  21. what is provisional registration used for?
  22. What is found in part 2 of the CARs?
    aircraft registration
  23. What is found in part 5 of CARs?
  24. what is found in CAR 509 ?
    Export airworthiness
  25. What is found in CAR 605?
    Aircraft requirements
  26. what are the 3 types of flight permits?
    • experimental
    • specific
    • validation of foriegn flight authority
  27. A special C of A may have what ?
    Restrictions and may need permission to fly internationally
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