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  1. spending to secure military, intellignece, and other agency computer networks is forecasted to rise 44% to 10.7 billipm in 2013 from 7.4 billion this year
    US Government
  2. spending will grow 7% to 8% annually, significiantly faster than IT which has increased about 4% a year in the past 5 yrs
    Security System
  3. General Chilton said this is as much a domain as air land or sea
  4. William Gibson came up with the term
  5. Hardware, Software, Storage Media, Data, Networks, People - What we are protecting
    Computing System
  6. Any available means, not necessarily obvious ways, not necessarily where defended, not necessarily how we expect
    Principle of Easiest Penetration
  7. Set of circumstances that can lead to loss or harm - rabid guard dog - hacker
  8. Weakness in the security system - weak spot in a fence
  9. countered by controls
  10. blocked by control of a vulnerability
  11. exploiting a vulnerability
  12. Interception, Interruption, Modification(changes), Fabrication(counterfeits)
  13. Interruption(DOS attack), Interception(Theft), Modification, Fabrication, Destruction - Laptops are a good example
    Hardware Vulnerabilities
  14. Fractional Rounding, Deletion, Modification, Theft
    Software Vulnerabilities
  15. A type of software vulnerabilities - including - logic bombs, viruses, trojan horses, back doors, keyloggers
  16. Interception, Destruction, CIA
    Data Vulnerabilities
  17. Protection equal to value - only until value is lost
    Principle of Adequate Protection
  18. Networks, Access(theft of service, malicious access, taking availability needed by legit users), People (social engineering)
    Vulnerabilities in Other Exposed Assets
  19. 3 things needed to attack - can by applied to hackers and burglers(3rd only for hackers)
    Method, Opportunity, Motive -- MOM
  20. CIA =??
    Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability aka security goals
  21. secrecy, privacy - who should access what?
  22. Precise, Accurate, Unmodified, Modified only by authorized ways/people/processes, consistent, meeaningful and usable
  23. Data and services, can get what we need - when we need it- in timely fashion, fault tolerance, concurrency issues
  24. another goal of security goals - can prove that you are you
  25. another goal of security goals - you cannot deny that it was you who sent or recieved a transaction
    non repudiation
  26. Essential for e-commerce
    Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authenticity, Non-Repudiation
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