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  1. What is the normal range level for P?
    2.8 - 4.5mg/dL
  2. P is essential for the activation of what vitamin?
  3. P is important in forming and activating what?
  4. P assist in ____ _______.
    cell division
  5. P is important in relationship to what other electrolyte? because ___ and P exist in a balanced reciprocal relationship.
    • Cacium
    • Ca
  6. What is the abnormal serum level for HyperP?
  7. HyperP is caused by acute or chronic what?
    renal failure
  8. Because P and Ca have a reciprocal relationship what hormaonal problem would cause hyperP?
  9. A pt undergoing what type of treatment (ex: for lymphomas) could cause HyperP?
  10. Excessive or large intake of what 3 things can cause HyperP?
    • milk
    • phosphate containing laxatives
    • large intake of Vit. D
  11. When treating HyperP, treat it with binding agents such as ______, ________ that bind with P and remove it via where?
    • Renagel, Sevelamer
    • feces
  12. When treating HyperP you want to teach your pt the importance of what? especially what group?
    • medications (renagel, Sevelamar)
    • renal pts
  13. What is the abnormal serum level for HypoP?
  14. HypoP is cause by decrease _____.
  15. HypoP is cause by increase what?
    plasma Ca
  16. The pt that you are taking care of this morning has PCM which caused them to also have HypoP, this was caused because they were __________ or had __________ problems.
    • malnourished
    • malabsorption
  17. HypoP is caused by what type of abuse?
  18. Use of Phosphate-binding ______ and __ supplements caused HypoP.
    • antiacids
    • Ca
  19. True or false?
    TPN with inadequate Ph replacement causes hyperP
    • false
    • HypoP
  20. A person with HypoP would have what kind of respirations?
  21. A person with HypoP will manifest decrease ________ and ________.
    • reflexes
    • weakness
  22. When dealing with HypoP a clinical manifestation is increased ________.
  23. In severe cases irritability and confusion leadint to what? when dealing wiht hypoP?
  24. When treating HypoP you want to give what?
    oral supplements
  25. When treating HypoP you want to encourage what? (give examples)
    And you want them to avoid what?
    • ingestions of food high in Ph
    • beef, fish, pork, organ meats, nuts, grains.

    ingestions of food high in Ca
  26. When treating HypoP you may need IV administration of what?
    Na or K phosphate
  27. When treating HypoP you want to discontinue ____ that promote loss of Ph, such as certain _____, and ___ _________.
    • meds
    • antiacids
    • Ca supplements
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