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  1. teeth are governed by
  2. loose teeth
    kidney yin xu
  3. dull teeth
    deficient yin of kidney
  4. gums governed by
  5. normal gums
    pale red, shiny, moist
  6. pale gums
    blood def
  7. bleeding painful gums
    stomach fire
  8. bleeding gums with no pain
    kidney yin xu or sp qi xu
  9. throat is gateway to
    lung and stomach
  10. red swollen painful throat
    heat in lung/stomach
  11. chronic dry not red, slightly red throat
    lung yin deficiency/kidney yin deficiency
  12. lips reflect
    state of spleen
  13. mouth reflects
    state of stomach
  14. normal lips
    most, shiny, pale red
  15. pale lips
    blood xu, yang xu
  16. too red lips
    heat pattern
  17. purplish lips
    blood stasis
  18. bluish purple lips
    cold stagnation
  19. deviated mouth, eyes
    wind stroke
  20. hanging/slack mouth
    deficiency patter
  21. mouth breather (without congestion)
    lung qi deficiency
  22. deviation of mouth
  23. kidney opens to
    the ears
  24. size of ear
    • swollen is excess
    • thin is xu of qi/blood
  25. white ear
  26. black or blue-green ear
  27. red ear
    excess heat
  28. dry lobe or auricle
    kidney jing xu
  29. swelling and pain inside ear
    • shaoyang channel
    • heat pattern
  30. size of ear lobe
    kidney jing constitution
  31. lung opens to
    the nose
  32. tip of the nose reflects
  33. bridge of the nose reflects
  34. white nose
    qi and blood def
  35. blue green nose
    abdominal pain or cold
  36. red nose
    heat in spleen and lung channel
  37. yellow nose
    damp heat in spleen
  38. black nose
    kidney deficiency
  39. flaring nostrils with high fever
    lung heat or wind/heat
  40. dry nostrils
    lung heat or contraction of dryness evil
  41. nasal discharge
    • watery - cold
    • thick yellow - heat
    • thick white - damp phlegm
  42. nails are surplus of
    the sinwes
  43. nails are the external manifestation of
    the liver
  44. normal nail
    pink, shiny, thick
  45. thin brittle or pale nail
    liver blood xu
  46. skin is related
    • lung in 5 phases
    • condition of blood and liver
  47. dry skin
    liver blood deficiency
  48. itchy skin
  49. yellow skin
    yin jaundice vs yang jaundice
  50. red venules
  51. blue venules
  52. green venules
  53. purple venules
    blood stasis
  54. limbs indicate state of
  55. joint swelling
    bi syndrome
  56. edems of the limbs
    qi edema vs water edema
  57. water edema
    due to yang def (kid yang def)
  58. water edema below waste
    kidney yang def
  59. water edema of limbs
    spleen def
  60. edema of face
    external/acute attack
  61. the four examinations



    listening and smelling
  62. inspection
    • shen
    • body appearance
    • facial complexion
    • head, hair
    • eyes,
    • teeth gums throat
    • lips, mouth
    • ears and nose
    • skin, nails
    • limbs
    • tongue
  63. shen
    normal spirit - spiritedness


    false spirit- jia shen - occurs in terminally ill before death
  64. body appearance
    • shape
    • movement
    • strong movement
    • weak movement
    • small movements- yin def heat
    • internal wind
  65. facial color
    relates to qi and xue state, state of shen
  66. normal facial color
    pinkish hue\ heart blood is good
  67. facial complexion


  68. blue green face
    indicates cold\pain
  69. red face
    indicates heat

    • if whole face- too much heat
    • just cheeks- yin def heat
  70. yellow face
  71. bright orange face
    yang jaundice
  72. dull pale yellow face
    yin jaundice
  73. white face
    blood def or yang def
  74. black face
    • blood stasis
    • kid def (right below eyes)
  75. head shows
    condition of liv blood and kid essence
  76. hair loss
    essence/blood def
  77. eyes are the orifice of
    the liver
  78. redness in the whole eye
    liver fire
  79. redness in the corner of eyes
    lung heat
  80. teeth are an extension of
  81. dry, dull teeth
    def yin of kid
  82. loose teeth loss of teeth
    kid yin xu
  83. gums are governed by
  84. normal gums
    pale red, shiny, moist
  85. pale gums
    blood def
  86. bleeding painful gums
    st fire
  87. bleeding gums with no pain
    kid yin xu or sp qi xu
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