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  1. B.F. Skinner
    • only behavior
    • behavior is learned
    • did not specifically concentrate on language
    • operent condition- reinforcing behavior
    • all behaviors learned through enviromental clues
    • behavior is not enough to account for children language
  2. Noam Chomsky
    • only intended in grammar
    • language is universal and has unviersals
    • language is innate it been with you
    • syntax - how the words fit together
    • deep and surface structure
    • PET scan can help with Chomsky's views
  3. Lennenberg
    • language acquistion device
    • need to be interacted with if not language will not develop from birth to age 4
  4. Language Acquistion theories
    • case grammar
    • cognitives
    • information processing
    • social
    • speech
  5. case grammar
    A level beneath deep structure includes universal semantic concepts that determine relationships between nouns and verbs
  6. cognitives
    language and thought develop as parallel processes
  7. information processing
    function not abstract grammar generates language structure
  8. social
    language develops through social interaction and construction
  9. speech act
    • language develops though its use in interactions
    • locutionary act
    • illocuationary act
    • perlocutionary act
  10. mirror neurons
    represents that actions that can be used not only for imitating actions, but also to recognize that another individual is performing an action and to use this information to act appropriately
  11. LAD
    • language acquistion device
    • an innate language reservoir filled with information about rules of language structure
    • takes syntactic information provided by the child's models and generates the grammar of that child's native language
  12. locutionary act
    • the part that strikes the ears
    • the expression of words
  13. illocutionary act
    motive or purpose underlying an utterance
  14. perlocutionary act
    the effect the locutionary act might have on the listner, an effect that may or may not be consistent with the speaker's communicative intention.
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