Phleb. Chapt. 3

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  1. allergic contact dermatitis:
    allergic reaction following skin contact with an allergen
  2. anaphylaxis:
    severe immune reaction in which the airways may swell & BP may fall
  3. CPR:
    cardiopulmonary resuscitation. emergency manual means to maintain breathing & circulation
  4. Chemical hygiene plan:
    describes all safety procedures, special precautions and emergency procedures use when working with chemicals
  5. dept. of transportation (DOT) label:
    label indicating the type of hazard class #, the United Nations hazard class # and a specific identifying #
  6. irritant contact dermatitis:
    direct irritation of the skin by contact with a chemical irritant
  7. latex sensitivity:
    response to latex proteins in gloves and other medical equiptment that usually leads to contact dermtitis
  8. MSDS:
    materials safety data sheet. provides information of the chemical, its hazards and procedures for cleanup and 1st aid
  9. national fire protection association (NFPA) label:
    label that warns firefighters of the location of hazardous materials in the event of a fire
  10. OSHA:
    occupational safety and health administration. responsible for regulations governing the workplace safety
  11. radioactive hazard symbol:
    used to mark areas where radioactivity is used
  12. sharps:
    needles, lancets, broken glass, etc.
  13. CPR:
    cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  14. DOT:
    department of transportation
  15. FDA:
    food and drug administration
  16. HIV:
    human immunodeficiency virus
  17. MRI:
    magnetic resonance imaging
  18. MSDS:
    materials safety data sheet
  19. NFPA:
    national fire protection association
  20. OSHA:
    occupational safety and health administration
  21. Types of hazards:
    • -physical
    • -sharps
    • -biological
    • -chemical
    • -radioactive/x-ray equipment
    • -electrical
    • -fire or explosive
    • -latex sensitivities
    • -stress
    • (9 total)
  22. biological hazards:
    • *infectious agents causing disease
    • -viruses
    • -bacteria
    • -protists
    • -fungi
    • -prions
    • -helminth
  23. NFPA association label colors:
    • red = flammability
    • yellow = radioactivity
    • white = other
    • blue = health
  24. 5 classes of fire:
    • A = wood, paper, cloth
    • B = grease, oil, flammable liquids
    • C = energized electrical equipment
    • D = flammable metals
    • K = cooking oils and grease (kitchen)
  25. emergency 1st aid
    • 3 procedures to remember:
    • 1. bleeding aid (pressure, etc.)
    • 2. breathing aid (CPR, etc.)
    • 3. shock prevention (get help, elevate, keep warm)
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