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  1. a property that states you can change the order without changing the value of the expression
    communtative property
  2. property that states that you change the grouping without changing the value of the expression
    associative property
  3. property that states that the number of the outside of the ( ) will be multiplied by everttying on the inside of the ( ).
    distributive property
  4. property that states that nay number multiplied by 1 or add by 0 will not change the value of the expression
    identityy property
  5. a brief tale told to illustrate a moral or teach a lesson about how to get along in life
  6. a category in which a work of literature is classified - fiction, poetry, non fiction, drama
  7. a humorously exaggerated story about impossible events, often involving the supernatural abilities of the main character.
    tall tale
  8. a form of wit that uses cutting, often ironic, remarks intended to ridicule or wound
  9. earliest modern man originating 50,000 years ago and now found on every continent. Latin for "knowing man."
    homo sapiens
  10. spreading of a species (organism) into a new habitat
  11. a 3-digit number assigned to a geographical area in the US,Canada, and the Carribean used before a 7-digit number when placing a call. Cannot use "0" or "1: as the first digit.
    telephone area code
  12. refers to an economic system where producers and consumers rely on each other and on other economies to succeed.
  13. the process of compiling, analyzing, and interpreting the results of primary and secondary data collection.
    data analysis
  14. a measure of the amount of matter in an object, a fundamental property of an object that is not affected by the forces taht act.
  15. arriving at conclusions from observations and collected experimental data.
    data interpretation
  16. the act of validating a value or characteristic of a substance by its observable and measureable attributes, may be used.
    confirmation by observation
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