A&P Medic ch1

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  1. Surface anatomy includes: (3)
    • Landmarks
    • Regions
    • Directions
  2. Gross/Macroscopic Anatomy
    refers to features visible to the naked eye
  3. Gross/Macroscopic Anatomy inclueds: (3)
    • Surface anatomy
    • Regional antatomy
    • Systemic anatomy
  4. Anatomy
    • "cutting open"
    • Study of internal & external structure
  5. Pathology
    the study of the effects of diseases on organs or system function
  6. Reproductive System
    produces sex cells& hormones
  7. Urinary System
    Elminates excess water, salt, and waste products
  8. Respiratory System
    Delivers air to sites where gas exchange can occur between the air and circulating blood
  9. Lymphatic System
    Defends againt infection & disease; returns tissue fluid to the blood stream
  10. Cardiovascular system
    Transports cells & dissolved materials including nutrients, waste and gases
  11. Endocrine System
    Directs long-term changes in activities of other organ systems
  12. Nervous System
    Directs immediate response to stimuli usually by coordinating the activites of other organ systems
  13. Muscular System
    • Allows for Locomotion
    • Provides Support
    • Produces heat
  14. Skeletal System
    • Provides support
    • Protects tissue
    • Stores Minerals
    • Forms blood
  15. Integumentary System (skin)
    • Protects against enviromental hazards
    • Helps control body temp
  16. Image Upload
    Cardiovascular System
  17. Image Upload
    Integumentary System
  18. Image Upload
    Skeletal System
  19. Image Upload
    Muscular System
  20. Image Upload
    Nervous System
  21. Image Upload
    Endocrine System
  22. Image Upload
    Lymphatic System
  23. Image Upload
    Respiratory System
  24. Image Upload
    Digestive System
  25. Image Upload
    Reproductive System
  26. Image Upload
    Urinary System
  27. Homeostatis
    the existense of a stable internal enviroment
  28. Levels of Organization (6)
    • chemical/molecular
    • cellular
    • tissue
    • organ
    • organ system
    • organism level
  29. Physiology
    the study of how living organisms perform their vital functions
  30. Microscopic anatomy
    features/structures that CAN NOT be seen to the naked eye
  31. Microscopic Anatomy includes: (2)
    • Cytology
    • Histology
  32. Transverse plane:
  33. Frontal Plane:
  34. Sagittal Plane:
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