Music Chp 4&5

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  1. What are Sacred music chants
    Music for church services
  2. The composers of the sacred chants are usually
  3. Originally the sacred chants were transmitted
  4. Another word for Plainchant
    Plainsong and Gregorian Chant
  5. Why is plainsong also known as Gregorian Chant
    Pope Gregory was credited with cataloging chants
  6. German nun born from 1098-1179
    Hildegard of Bingen
  7. Hildegard of Bingen was known for her chants having
    Larger melodic leaps
  8. How is the text of the Ordinary mass
    Text is the same each day
  9. What is the order of the Ordinary Mass
    • Kyrie
    • Gloria
    • Credo
    • Sanctus
    • Agnus Dei
  10. Organum
    The earliest form of polyphony
  11. Which 2 composers lead the organum development
    • Leonin
    • Perotin
  12. What is the name of Hildegard of Bingen first book
    Causae et Curae
  13. What were the text of the Proper Mass
    The text changed based on the church calendar
  14. Guillaume de Mauchaut was a
    • Clergyman
    • Scribe
    • Secretary
    • Poet
  15. What was Guillaume de Mauchaut credited for
    Coomposing the earliest polyphonic setting of the complete ordinary
  16. What song by G de mauchaut was written for four voices
    Messe de Nostre Dame
  17. Describe secular music
    Non-religious topics written in the vernacular
  18. What texture was secular music
  19. Syllabic
    One note per syllable
  20. Melisma
    Multiple notes per syllable
  21. Was secular music mostly syllabic or melisma
  22. Strophic form
    Same melody for each verse
  23. What were the french secular performers called
    • Troubabadors
    • Trouvers
  24. What were the German secular performers called
  25. What were the traveling street performers called
    Ministrels and Jongleurs
  26. What time is known as the rebirth of ancient Greek ideas
  27. Who invented the printing press
  28. What invention led to literacy and education gaining value
    Printing press
  29. Humanism
    The increased respect for the individual and individual thought
  30. What led to the transition away from the Catholic dominanance
    Preotestant reformation
  31. What German monk led the Protestant reformation in 1517
    Martin Luther
  32. What kind of music did Josquin des Prez write
    • Motet
    • Masses
    • Secular
  33. What Italian Roman-Catholic composer was credited with saving polyphony
    Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina
  34. What work of Palestrina was played for the Council of Trent
    Pope Marc ellus Mass
  35. What did the Council of Trent enforce
    • Less polyphony
    • Avoid loud instruments
    • Abolish secular melodies from Mass settings
    • No vernacular- Only Latin
  36. What is the french word for song
  37. What is the italian word for song
  38. What is the german word for song
  39. What text were Italian madrigals in
  40. What were Italian madrigals about
    Sentimental or erotic subjects
  41. Name an Italian Madrigal Composers
    Claudio Monteverdi
  42. English madrigal were also known as
    • Song
    • Sonnet
    • Canzonet
    • Ayre
  43. English madrigal were predominately what kind of texture
  44. Which madrigal started the use of non sense syllables
    English madrigal
  45. Literal representation of the text through music
    Word Painting
  46. What two English composers established genre
    • William Byrd
    • Thomas Morley
  47. The most popular renaissance instrument
  48. Ayres
    Vocal songs with lute accompaniment
  49. What range can the clavichord play
    Only soft
  50. Consorts
    chamber emsembles for the home
  51. What instrument classes were popular for outside performances
    Brass and reeds
  52. Catholic church service
  53. Christians came to height in what civilizations
  54. Hildegard became what of the convent
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