Phleb. Chapt. 6

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  1. abdominal cavity
    body cavity containing stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys
  2. abduction
    movement further away from the central axis
  3. adduction
    movement towards the central axis
  4. adrenal cortex
    outer portion of adrenal gland
  5. adrenal medulla
    inner portion of adrenal glad. Secrets the catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine
  6. adrenocoricotropic hormone (ACTH)
    hormone released by the pituitary to stimulate release of adrenal cortex hormones
  7. afferents
    nerve cell bringing sensory information to the CNS
  8. agonist
    muscle preforming a movement
  9. aldosterone
    a mineral corticoid hormone
  10. alveoli
    --aveolus- sac within the lung at which gas exchange occurs
  11. amino acid derivatives
    one of three hormone types
  12. amphiarthrosis
    partically moveable joint
  13. anatomic position
    reference position for description of the body
  14. antagonist
    muscle opposing a movement
  15. anterior
  16. antidiuretic hormones (ADH)
    released by the pituitary that regulates water reabsorption by the kidney
  17. arachnoid
    one of three membranes surrounding the brain
  18. articular cartilage
    smooth cartilage lining the bearing surface of bones
  19. autonomic motor system
    group of neurons controlling smooth muscle and glands
  20. bile
    fat-emulsifying fluid released by the gall bladder; formed from bilirubin
  21. Bowman's capsule
    cup of cells surrounding the glomerulus in the nephron
  22. brain stem
    a region at the base of the skull vital for basic life processes
  23. bronchioles
    smaller tube within the lungs connecting bronchi and alveoli
  24. bulbourethral glands
    gland supplying fluid for semen
  25. calcitonin
    thyroid hormone that lowers calcium levels in body fluids
  26. carbohydrases
    carbohydrate-digesting enzymes
  27. cardiac muscle
    heart muscle
  28. central nervous system (CNS)
    brain and spinal cord
  29. cerebellum
    highly folded outgrowth at the rear of the brain; involved in coordination
  30. cerebral cortex
    highly folded out layer of the brain
  31. cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
    fluid within the brain and spinal cord
  32. cerebrum
    outermost layer of the brain; including the cerebral cortex
  33. cervix
    narrow opening between the vagina and the uterus
  34. chyme
    fluid mass of food within the gastrointestinal tract
  35. cilia
    cilium-cell extension on the bronchi responsible for movement for mucus
  36. collecting duct
    tube that collects urine at the end of the nephron
  37. connective tissue
    tissue with few cells and a large amount of extracellular material, often serving to connect other tissues
  38. corticosterone
    a glucocorticoid hormone
  39. cortisol
    a glucocorticoid hormone
  40. cortisone
    a glucocorticoid hormone
  41. cranial cavity
    cavity enclosing the brain
  42. cytoplasm
    jelly-like cell contents not including the nucleus
  43. dermis
    skin layer underlying outer epidermis
  44. diarthrosis
    freely moving joint
  45. distal
    farther away from the midline or site of attachment
  46. distal convoluted tubule
    twisted tubule through which fluid flows in the nephron
  47. dorsal
    toward the back
  48. dura mater
    one of the three membranes surrounding the brain
  49. efferents
    nerve cell carrying motor information away from the CNS
  50. epidermis
    the outer most layer of skin
  51. epididymis
    coiled tube in which sperm mature and are stored
  52. epinephrine
    hormone responsible for arousal and "fight or flight" response. aka- adrenaline
  53. epithelial tissue
    groups of cells arranged in a sheet, usually functioning as a barrier or exchange surface
  54. esophagus
    tube at the rear of the throat down whic food travels to the stomach
  55. estrogens
    hormones controlling the female reproductive cycle
  56. extension
    extending a body part farther away from the midline
  57. external respiration
    exchange of gases in the lungs
  58. fallopian tube
    tube through which an egg reaches the uterus
  59. feedback loops
    interactive systems designed to maintain homeostasis
  60. flexion
    bringing a body part closer toward the body midline
  61. follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
    hormone realeased by the pituitary that acts on ovaries and testes
  62. frontal plane
    a vertical plane dividing the body into front and back
  63. glomerulus
    ball of capillaries in the nephron that absorb fluid from the blood
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