Forensics 3

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  1. 4 make ups of paint
    • Binder (lacquer, latex, enamel)
    • Pigments
    • Extenders
    • Modifers
  2. Physical Attributes of Paint
    • Color
    • Thickness
    • Layer Sequence
    • Condition
  3. What does ASA or ISO indicate?
    Sensitivity of film to light
  4. CCD means
    Charged Coupled Device
  5. How to leaf and door shutters open
    • Leaf-center out in a spiral motion
    • door- left to right like a door
  6. What is the aperature
    How wide the lens opens
  7. How is the aperture measured?
    In F-Stops, larger the number, smaller the opening, F3>F14
  8. What is light temperature measured in?
  9. What is a slave?
    A sensor that triggers a secondary flash upon sensing the first flash
  10. Fill Flash is
    used to highlight shadowed areas
  11. 3 extreme conditions when photographing and problems they present
    • Snow- VERY reflective
    • Sand- Somewhat reflective
    • Aftermath of Fire- blackened remains absorb light
  12. SWGIT stands for
    Scientific Working grou on Imaging Technology
  13. Steps for maintaining digital images as evidence
    • Upload images to folder
    • Burn all images to a Cd label it MASTER COPY
    • put CD in case w/ case #, date and initials
    • Place in evidence envelope
    • Seal and mark as real evidence
    • Use files on comp to burn extra copies
  14. Whats better JPG or TIF? why
    TIF, it is uncompressed
  15. 2 types of shoe prints
    • 2-D and 3-D
    • 2-D is like in dust
    • 3-D is like in mud
  16. Info foot evidence tells us
    • Identification
    • Elimination
    • # of ppl at scene
    • Shoe size info
    • Shoe brand info
  17. 2 ways to enhance footprints
    • Latent powders
    • Chemical treatments
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