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  1. List the characteristics of the epic poem
    • 1.Long narrative poem
    • 2.Centered on hero of cosmic importance
    • 3.settingis know world of author
    • 4.Super human deeds
    • 5.Divine intervention
    • 6.Ornate elevated style
  2. What is a "Beot"
  3. Thegn
  4. Flyting
    Dispute in profesiancy of a topic
  5. Cyning
  6. Cwen
  7. Halfding
  8. Ubi sunt motif...
    latin, "Whare are those who came before us" Incurages the reader to prepare spiritually.
  9. Who was Shild
    The first king of the Herot
  10. Who was Shilds son
  11. What kind of king was Shild
    A good, generous, skilled, couragous king
  12. How was Shild burried
    On a ship, most of his treasure
  13. Whom was the son of Beo
  14. Who was Healfdanes children
    Hrothgar, Hergar, Halga, Yrs
  15. What was Hrothgars mead hall called.
  16. Where did Grendel come from
  17. What is the first thing that Grendel does when he gets to Herot
    kills 30 men.
  18. How long does Grendel ravage the Danes
    12 years
  19. Why do the Danes sacrafice to the old stone gods
    They felt as if god was not on thier side
  20. who was beowulfs king
    Higilac (Real person)
  21. Where does Beowulf come from.
    The Geats
  22. How man men does Beowulf take with him to herot
  23. Describe the Guard of Denmarks coasts welcome to Beowulf and the Geats
  24. Who is Beowulfs father
  25. What does beowulf give as his reason for coming to denmark
    To aid the danes in their time of need
  26. How does the coast guard resopond to Beowulfs claim of friendship
    leads them to herot
  27. who greets beowulf at herot and brings his message to hrothgar
  28. What is about Beowulf and his companie that impress wulfgar
    Their weopons and armor
  29. How does Hrothgar react to Beowulfs arrival
    He is pleased and knows of his skill and nobility
  30. What two stories are told to demonstrate beowulfs stregnth
    He drove a race of giants into chains and went into the ocean and killed 6 monsters
  31. How does beowulf plan to fight Grendel
  32. How did hrothgar aide Beowulfs father
    Ended his quarrel with huntings bye giving them treasure
  33. How do the Danes spend the rest of the evening after Beowulfs arival.
    Drinking and rejoycing
  34. Why does unfurth challenge Beowulf
    Because he is drunk and is jeolous of the tales being told of Beowulfs greatness
  35. What does unfurth say to challenge beowulfs greatness
    Brings up his shortcommings and his loss of the swimming match to Brecca
  36. How does beowulf answer unfurths challenge
    He tells unfurth that he is drunk and tells him of what happend at the race with Brecca
  37. How does beowulf lose the race with Brecca
    He is swept up by a great sword and is forced to fight attacking monsters
  38. How does Beowulf humble Unfurth
    he reminds him that he has done nothing great and mentions his murdering of his kin
  39. Who is Welthow, and how does she treat the incoming Geats
    She is the queen of the Danes and treats the Geats with much respect
  40. What promise does Hrothgar make to Beowulf
    If he succeeds he will be granted a large cache of treausre
  41. How does beowulf await Grendel
    Lying awake, waiting
  42. How does the auther build suspence at the begining of part 11
    By describing Grendels ascent from the marsh to Herot
  43. What does Grendel do when he first reachs Herot
    He rips the doors off the henges of Herot and eats a Geat
  44. Describe the fight with Grendel
    He grabs Grendels claws and dosnt let go. It is very noisy and violent
  45. Why cant beowulfs weopons harm Grendel
    He cursed all the weopons of man
  46. How does Beowulf win the fight with Grendel
    He rips his arm off
  47. Where does Grendel run to after the fight
    The marsh
  48. What trophy does Beowulf hang in Herot
    Grendels severed arm
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