Nutrition Chapter 1

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  1. food
    medically, any substance that the body can take in an assimilate that will enable it to stay alive and to grow
  2. nutritoin
    the study of the nurients in foods and in the body; sometimes also the study of human behaviors related to food
  3. diet
    the foods (including beverages) a person usually eats and drinks
  4. nutrients
    component of food that are indespensable to the body's functioning. They provide energy, serve as building material, help maintain or repair body parts, and support growth.
  5. Nutrients include
    • water
    • carbohydarte
    • fat
    • fat
    • protein
    • vitamins
    • minerals
  6. malnutrition
    any condition caused by excess or deficient food energy or nutrient intake or by an imbalane of nutrient. Nutrient or energy deficiencies are forms of undernutrition
  7. chronic diseases
    long-duration degenerative diseases characterized by deterioration of the body organs.
  8. genome
    the full complement of genetic information in teh chromosomes of a cell
  9. genes
    units of a cell's inheritance
  10. cause of death related to nutritoion
    • Heart desease
    • Cancers
    • Strokes
    • Diabetes mellitus
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