Test 1

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  1. orthopnea
    type of dysnpea in which breathing is easier when the patient sits or stands
  2. dyspnea
    difficult or labored breathing
  3. apical
    apex of structure
  4. apnea
    abscence of breathing
  5. afebrile
    condition in which the body temperature is not elivated
  6. alveoli
    small air sacs at the end of the terminal bronchiles that are the site of gas exchange
  7. adventitious breath sounds
    abnormal breathe sound heard over lungs
  8. brady prefix
    means slow
  9. bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  10. bradypnea
    slow rate of breathing
  11. blood pressure
    force of blood against the arterial walls
    incomplete collapse or expansion of one part of the lungs
  13. auscultation
    listening for sounds in the body
  14. bronchial breath sounds
    • those heard over the trachea
    • high in pitch and intensity
  15. bronchovesicular breath sounds
    normal breath sounds over the upper anterior chest & intercostal area
  16. crackles
    air sound through wet secreations in the lungs
  17. cyanosis
    bluish coloring of the skin
  18. diastolic
    least amount of pressure on the arterial walls
  19. ductus arteriosus
    in fetus, blood vessel connecting the main pulmonary artery at the aortic arch
  20. ductus venosus
    smaller, shorter and posterior of two branches where the fetal vein divides
  21. dyspnea
    difficult or labored breathing
  22. ecchymosis
    collection of blood in subcutaneous tissues that causes a purplish discoloration
  23. eupnea
    normal respirations
  24. exhalation/expiration
    breathing out
  25. febrile
    condition in which the body temperature is elevated
  26. flushing
    red appearance of the skin
  27. foramen ovale
    opening b/t 2 atria of fetal heart
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