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  1. What percent of people will be diagnosed with a psychological disorder in any given year?
  2. What did "hysteria" mean in Charcot's sense?
  3. Trephination occurred due to what belief?
    Evil Spirits
  4. What prompted the Community mental health movement?
    Development of drugs to help schizophrenics
  5. What was Kraepelin's term for schizoprehnic-like symptoms
    Dementia Praecox
  6. In what country did the reform movement for treating mental illness begin?
  7. The American Psychiatric Association stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental illness in what year?
  8. What was the earliest psychological model of abnormal behavior?
    Freud's Psycho Dynamic Theory
  9. According to Hippocrates, an abundance of blood in the body could causeā€¦
  10. Define: Prevalence
    Overall # of cases of a disorder existing in the population during a given period of time
  11. Define: Incidence
    # of NEW cases of a disorder that occurs within a specific period of time
  12. Define: Epidemiology
    • Study of health-event, health-characteristic, or health-determinant patterns in a society
    • Work areas include outbreak investigation, disease surveillance and screening (medicine), biomonitoring, and comparisons of treatment effects such as in clinical trials.
  13. Define: Proband
    The first affected family member who seeks medical attention for a genetic disorder.
  14. Define: Internal Validity
  15. Define: External Validity
    Results can be generalized to other settings and conditions
  16. Define: Concordance Rate
  17. Define: Placebo
    An inert medication treatment that is intended to control for expectancy effects
  18. Define: Single-blind
    Information that could introduce bias or otherwise skew the result is withheld from the participants, but the experimenter will be in full possession of the facts.
  19. Define: Double-blind
    Neither the individuals nor the researchers know who belongs to the control group and the experimental group.
  20. Define: Wait-list Control Group
    A group that is assigned to a waiting list to receive an intervention after the active treatment group does.
  21. Define: Attention-placebo control group
    A group of persons that serves as a baseline for comparison for assessment of the effects of a particular intervention. While persons in the treatment group receive the experimental treatment being studied, the attention placebo control group receives a treatment that mimics the amount of time and attention received by the treatment group but is thought not to have a specific effect upon the subjects.
  22. The strongest evidence supporting a genetic role in a psychological disorder would come from what type of twins?
    Monozygotic; Apart
  23. In a single-case ABAB design, what do the A and B refer to?
    • A = Baseline
    • B = Treatment
  24. What ethical standards are used in research on abnormal behavior?
    • Informed consent
    • Confidentiality
  25. What historical figure is considered to be the father of American psychiatry?
    Benjamin Rush
  26. Anecdote About Blind Rat
    Descriptions of a behavior may be influenced by our expectations
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