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  1. Because most web applications work with data that�s stored in a database most server computers also run a?
  2. DBMS
    Data base management system
  3. Two popular DBMS for ASP.NET development are?
    Microsoft SQL, Oracle
  4. Other ways of connecting to web application besides the internet is?
    • Local area network (LAN) connect via an intranet
    • Image Upload 1
  5. IIS
    Internet information Services
  6. Many web servers are available, the two most popular are?
    Microsofts Internet Information Services IIS and Apache
  7. Many web pages on the internet are _____ _____ that don’t change in response to user input.
    static web pages
  8. Static web page
    is an HTML document that is the same each time it’s viewed.
  9. HTML
    Hypertext Markup Language
  10. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
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