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  1. Dr. who specializes in nervous system.
  2. Dr. specializes in cancer.
  3. Dr. specializes in care of eyes.
  4. Dr. who specializes in adjustments of teeth to improve bite and jaw alignment.
  5. Dr. who specializes in skeletal deformities or injuries.
  6. Dr. who specializes in primary care for children.
  7. Dr. who specializes in mental health.
  8. Dr. who specializes in urinary tract problems.
  9. Actions that prevent the onset of disease or injury
    preventive care
  10. _________ requires the patient to stay at the facility overnight and is provided for patients with a serious injury or illness.
    inpatient care
  11. ________ allows the patient to be treated and then return home.
    outpatient care
  12. List 6 health care facilities:
    • Private practice - work for themselves - usually outpatient basis
    • Clinics - outpatient care in a community clinic
    • Group practices - several share office, equipment, and so on
    • Hospitals - offer inpatient and outpatient care
    • Emergency rooms - potentially life-threating illnesses or injuries
    • Urgent care centers - emergencies that aren't life threatening
  13. A plan in which private companies or government programs pay for part or all of a person's medical costs.
    health insurance
  14. Fee that you pay an insurance company so that you will be insured.
  15. Payment that the patient must pay for.
    out-of-pocket expense
  16. Amount that a patient must pay in out-of-pocket expenses before the plan will start reimbursing for health care services.
  17. Another name for insurance plans.
    managed care plans
  18. Managed Care Plans emphasize _______ care and offer (increased or reduced) physician charges.
    • preventive
    • reduced
  19. Name the 3 Managed Care Plans.
    • Health Maintenance Orgnizations (HMOs)
    • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
    • Point of Service (POS) plans
  20. Homelike setting where family members can be involved in the birth of a baby.
    birthing center
  21. Facilities that treat people with drug and alcohol problems.
    drup treatment centers
  22. Facility that provides short- and long-term care for people who need help with daily chores.
    continuing care and assisted living facitilties
  23. Facilties who provide care for terminally ill people.
  24. The practice of medicine over distance through the use of telecommunications equipment.
  25. Complete and comprehensive informationabout your immunications and any health problems you have had to date.
    medical history
  26. Most health care provides request a ______ ______ from their first-time patients.
    medical history
  27. List 3 patient skills to have when visting a doctor.
    • 1. Write down you problem.
    • 2. Ask questions while in Dr.s office about medications, diagnoses, or procedures.
    • 3. Inform staff of allergies you have or medications you are taking.
  28. Deliberate deceit or trickery.
  29. The sale of worthless products or services that claim to prevent diseases or cure other health problems.
    health fraud
  30. Two products susceptible to health fraud.
    • 1. Weight-loss products (the ones that say you will be skinny overnight)
    • 2. Beauty and anti-aging products (some work temporarily - need to be approved by the Food and Drup Administration (FDA).
  31. Failure by a health professional to meet accepted standards.

    Example: Cut off the wrong leg.
  32. List the 3 groups you go to for consumer help.
    • 1. Business organiations
    • 2. Consumer advocates
    • 3. Local, state,and federal government agencies
  33. Name a Business organization that a consumer can seek help from.
    • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • helps with compaints against local merchants
  34. These are people or groups whose sole purpose is to take on regional, national, and even international consumer issues.
    Consumer advocates
  35. List some of the Local, state, and federal government agencies where consumers can go for help.
    • *Federal Trade Commision
    • *The Food and Drug Administration
    • *The Consumer Product Safety commission
    • *Small claims courts
  36. What agency works to prevent false or deciptive advertising.
    The Federal Trade Commission
  37. What agency ensures that medicines are safe, effective, and properly labeled.
    The Food and Drug Administration
  38. What agency protects consumers against harmful products and can recal dangerous ones.
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  39. What agency handles legal disputes involving amounts of money below a certain limit.
    Small Claims Courts
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