Module 44-46

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  1. What is personality?
    An individual's charactistic pattern of thinking, feeling and acting.
  2. Freud explains the part of the unconcious mind that strives to satisfy sexual and aggresive drives is the...
  3. The EGO is part of the consious mind that does what?
    acts as the executive and mediates the demands of the ID and the SUPEREGO.
  4. The SUPEREGO provides standards for...
    Judgement and future aspirations. (the conscience)
  5. Who developed the psychodynamic perspective?
  6. What are the 5 psychosexual stages according to Freud?
    • 1. Oral
    • 2. Anal
    • 3. Phallic
    • 4. Latency
    • 5. Genital
  7. Unresolved conflicts during early psychosexual stages that can surface as maladaptive behavior in the adult years is known as...
  8. What are the Ego's unconscious methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality called?
    Defense Mechanisms
  9. What are the 6 defense mechanisms?
    • 1. Repression- banishes anxiety arousing thoughts, feelings and memories from consciousness.
    • 2. Regression- retreating to a more infantile sexual stage
    • 3. Reaction formation- switching unacceptable impluses to their opposites.
    • 4. Projection- attributing one's own threatening impulses to others.
    • 5. Rationalization- justifying ones' actions with less threatening reasons than with reality.
    • 6. Displacement- redirecting threatening or sexual impulses to a less threatening object or person. like displaced anger.
  10. Who believed in the concept of a shared inherited reservoir of memory traces from our species history and what was that concept called?
    Carl Jung- the collective unconscious
  11. Who believed that children struggle with an inferiority complex during growth and strives for superiority and power?
    Alfred Adler
  12. Who believed in the social aspects of childhood growth and development and challenged Freud's theory that women had "penis envy"?
    Karen Horney
  13. What are projective tests?
    personality tests designed to reveal the hidden unconscious mind.
  14. What are two types of projective tests?
    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)- people reveal their inner thoughts and feelings through made up stories about ambiguous scenes. Developed by Henry Murray.
    • Rorschach inklblot test- designed by Hermann Rorschach to reveal ones inner feelings through analyzing ones description of 10 ink blots. Most widely used projective test.
  15. Some of the criticism surrounding projective tests is that they lack two things. What are they?
    reliability & validity
  16. Who are the Neo-Freudian and Psychodynamic theorists?
    Carl Jung, Karen Horney & Alfred Adler
  17. Who were the two humanistic perspective psychologists?
    Maslow & Rogers
  18. What isi unconditional positive regard?
    An attiude of total acceptance toward another person.
  19. All of our thoughts and feelings about ourselves in answering the question, "Who am I?" is called...
    self-concept (Carl Rogers)
  20. Who created the 16 personality factor (16F) Inventory?
    Raymond Cattell
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