Vocab #1

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  1. Altruistic
    unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others
  2. Ambivalent
    having contrary feelings or attitudes
  3. Angular
    lean, sharp, or gaunt
  4. Arrogant
    overwhelmingly assuming, insolently proud
  5. Aversion
    strong disinclination, disliking
  6. Discern
    to differentiate, disliking
  7. Disdain
    intense dislike, to treat with scorn
  8. Disparage
    to degrade, to speak in a derogatory manner
  9. Disparity
    inequality, unequal
  10. Embellish
    to decorate, exaggerate
  11. Engender
    to cause, produce, or create
  12. Innocuous
    harmless, producing no injury
  13. Insipid
    boring, stupid
  14. Lament
    to mourn or express sorrow
  15. Laud
    to praise, extol
  16. Obscure
    vague, unclear, uncommon
  17. Ostentatious
    showy, pretentious
  18. Prodigal
    wasteful, given to extravagance
  19. Repudiate
    to reject, disown, disavow
  20. Reticence
    restraint in speech, quiet
  21. Revere
    to honor, respect
  22. Serene
    calm, placid
  23. Subtle
    delicate, elusive, not obvious
  24. Superfluous
    beyond what is needed
  25. Taciturn
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