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  1. who were the big four?
    france italy u.s.a. and great britian
  2. what does nazi stand for
    national socialists party
  3. Adolf Hitler and his followers thought the Germans was a
    master race
  4. what is facism
    a government by dictatorship
  5. Hitler wrote a book what is it
    mein kempf
  6. hitler blamed who for all of Germany's problems
    the jews
  7. the jews were forced to wear what
    the star of david
  8. jews lived together in houses called
  9. winston churchill became prime minister of
    great britian
  10. holocaust meant
    destruction of life
  11. who were the axis powers?
    • germany (G I JOE)
    • italy
    • japan
  12. Who were the allied powers
    • united kingdom
    • united states
    • soviet union
    • france
    • china
    • 45 other countries
  13. who were the leaders of the three major allied powers
    • FD Roosevelt- United states
    • Winston Churchill-united kingdom
    • Stalin-Soviet Union
  14. what was the name of Hitlers secret police
  15. jews were transported to
    concentration camps
  16. who was the leader of itlay
    benito mussonlini
  17. who was the leader of japan
    hideki tojo
  18. who was the leader of china
    chaig kai shek
  19. ww2 lasted from ___ to_____
    sept 1939-1945
  20. pearl harbor was bombed on
    dec. 7, 1941
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