ch 5 adjuster

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  1. Company adjuster
    An adjuster who represents the interests of the insurer, including independent contractors and salaried employees of the insurer.
  2. Public Adjuster
    Independent contractor represendint soly the financial interests of the insured named in the policy. The insured, not the insurance company, pays the adjuster.
  3. Multiple licenses
    An adjuster can have both company and public licenses, but may not work on the same claim using both.
  4. Relationship to the Legal Profession
    Once the claimant has hired an attorney, the adjuster can no longer contact the claimant without the consent or presence of the attorney. Sometimes adjusters negotiate with the attorney toward the final disposition of the claim.
  5. Fiduciary Agent
    Adjuster should not deal in any way with the principal's property with motives of self-interest. Should not represent adverse interests or profit from an outside source
  6. Power to Bind
    Claimant has the right to assume the adjuster has the power to ascertain the amount of the loss and settle it. Adjuster may act for the insurer and those actions are binding on the insurer.
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