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  1. The abdominal cavity is divided into '3' spaces
    • Peritoneal space
    • Retroperitoneal space
    • Pelvic space
  2. What is the Peritoneal space?
    Division of the abdominal cavity containing those organs or portions of organs covered by the peritoneum
  3. What is the retroperitoneal space?
    Division of the abdominal cavity containing those organs posterior to the peritoneal lining
  4. What is the pelvic space?
    Division of the abdominal cavity containing those organs located w/in the pelvis
  5. The abdomen is divided into how many quadrants & what are their names?
    • Right upper quadrant (RUQ)
    • Right lower quadrant (RLQ)
    • Left upper quadrant (LUQ)
    • Left lower quadrant (LLQ)
  6. What organs are contained in the RUQ?
    • Gallbladder
    • Right kidney
    • Liver
    • Some small bowel
    • Portion of the ascending & tranverse colon
    • Small portion of pancreas
  7. What organs are contained in the LUQ?
    • Stomach
    • Spleen
    • Left kidney
    • Most of the pancreas
    • Portion of the liver
    • Small bowel
    • Transverse & descending colon
  8. What organs are contained in the RUQ?
    • Appendix
    • Portions of the urinary bladder
    • Small bowel
    • Ascending colon
    • Rectum
    • Female genitalia
  9. What organs are contained in the LLQ?
    • Sigmoid colon
    • Portions of the urinary bladder
    • Small bowel
    • Descending colon
    • Rectum
    • Female genitalia
  10. Image of four abdominal quadrants
    Image Upload
  11. What is the peritoneum?
    Fine fibrous tissue surrounding the interior of most of the abdominal cavity covering most of the small bowel& some of the abdominal organs
  12. What is the mesentery?
    Double fold of the peritoneum that supports the major portion of the small bowel, suspending it from the posterior abdominal wall
  13. What is the name of the tissue that varies with the size & % of body fat?
  14. What organs are not covered by the peritoneum?
    • Kidneys
    • Spleen
    • Duodenum
    • Pancreas
    • Urinary bladder
    • Posterior portions of the ascending & descending colon & rectum
  15. What is the digestive tract?
    internal muscular tube that begins at the mouth & ends at the anus that physically & chemically breaks down & absorbs the fluids & nurtrients from food

    aka. alimentary canal
  16. What are the accessory muscles of digestion?
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Pancreas
  17. What is chyme?
    Semifluid mixture of ingested food & digestive secretions found in the stomach & small intestine
  18. What is peristalsis?
    Wavelike muscular motion of the esphagus & bowel that moves food through the digestive system
  19. What is the Liver responsible for?
    • Detoxifying the blood
    • Moving damaged/aged erythrocytes
    • Storing glycogen
    • Assists in osmotic regulation of fluids in blood
    • Clotting process
    • Receives 25% of cardiac output & holds the greatest blood reserve
    • Solid organ
  20. What is the gallbladder?
    • Small hollow organ
    • Located behind & beneath the liver
    • Receives bile from the liver & stores it
  21. What is bile used for?
    Breaking down of fats
  22. What is the pancreas?
    • Produces glucogen & insulin
    • Produces digestive enzymes
  23. Digestive System
    Image Upload
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