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  1. What does the spine consist of?
    • Supporting skeletal structure
    • vertebral column
    • CNS pathway
    • spinal cord
  2. What is the Vertebral Column?
    • hollow skeletal tube made of vertebrae
    • provides skeletal support
    • permits movement of the head
    • maintains the shape of the thoracic cage
    • supports the upper body
    • forms the posterior aspect of the pelvis
    • protects the spinal cord
  3. What is a vertebrae?
    • 33 bones making up the vertebral column
    • singular is vertebra
  4. What is the vertebral body?
    • short column of bone that forms the weight-bearing portion of the vertebra
    • cylinder of skeletal tissue made up of cancellours bone surrounded by a layer of hard compact bone
  5. What is the spinal canal?
    Opening in the vertebrae that accomodates the spinal cord
  6. What are the pedicles?
    • thick bony struts that connect the vertebral bodies w/ the spinous & transverse processes
    • help make up the opening of the spinal canal
  7. What are the laminae?
    • Posterior bones of a vertebra
    • Help make up the opening of the spinal canal
  8. What is the transverse process?
    • bony outgrowth of the vertebral pedicule
    • serves as a site for muscle attachment
    • articulation for the ribs
  9. What is the spinous process?
    prominence at the posterior part of a vertebra
  10. What are intervertebral disks?
    • cartilaginous pad b/t vertebrae
    • serves as a shock absorber
    • limits bone wear
    • makeup 25% of total length of spinal column
  11. Image of the Vertebrae
    Image Upload
  12. What are the divisions of the vertebral column?
    • Cervical spine
    • Thoracic spine
    • Lumbar spine
    • Sacral spine
    • Coccygeal spine
  13. Image of the vertebral column divisions
    Image Upload
  14. The Cervical Spine
    • consists of '7' vertebrae
    • sole skeletal support of the head
    • C1 is called the atlas & permits nodding
    • C2 is called the axis & permits twisting/turning
    • C7 is last cervical vertebrae & can be palpated
  15. The Thoracic Spine
    • consists of '12' vertebrae
    • ribs are connected to those vertebra
  16. The Lumbar Spine
    • consists of '5' vertebrae
    • carry the weight of the head. neck & thorax
    • bear the forces of bending & lifting
  17. The Sacral Spine
    • consists of '5' vertebral
    • attaches the pelvis & lower extremities to the skeleton
    • upper body balances on the sacrum
  18. The Coccygeal Spine
    • consists of '3-5' fused vertebrae
    • residual elements of a tail
  19. What are the Spinal Meninges?
    • membranes that surround & protect brain & spinal cord
    • consists of dura mater, the arachnoid, the pia mater
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