PE vocab 2

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  1. Heart Warm-up
    Light activity done before the workout to get blood flowing. Decrease risk of injury.
  2. Workout
    Physical activity done to help improve fitness.
  3. Cool-down
    series of light activities to help the body recover from a workout.
  4. Overuse
    Injury caused by repeating movenment.
  5. Sprain
    Injury to ligament (connects bone to bone)
  6. Strain
    Injury to tendon or muscle (muscle to bone)
  7. Heat Cramp
    Excessive exposure to heat and lack of water (muscles)
  8. Heat Exhaustion
    Excessive exposure to heat: Cool skin, dizzy, weakness, profuse sweating, pale
  9. Heat Stroke
    Excessive expposure to heat: hot, dry skin, rapid pulse, unconsciousness
  10. Melanoma
    Skin cancer, most deadly
  11. Risky Exercises
    When body is caused to move against basic machanics
  12. Neck
    No neck circles, hyperextension
  13. Back
    No back arches, streight legg sit-ups, double leg lifts, backward trunk circles
  14. Knees
    No twisting, hyperflextion, hurdle sits, squats
  15. RICE
    ~Temperary first aid
    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate
  16. Preventing Injuries
    Start slowly, listen to body, warm-up, be fit, use moderation, proper technique, dress properly
  17. Frostbite
    Body tissues become frozen: grey skin, feeling is lost
  18. Hypothermia
    Body temperature becomes low: confusion, shivering, drowsiness, weakness
  19. Skin Cancer Signs:
    • A-asymmetrical
    • B-border
    • C-color
    • D-diameter
    • E-evolving
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