French adverbs

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  1. to be married
    etre marie
  2. to be divorced
    etre divorce
  3. to be a widow/widower
    etre veuf/veuve
  4. to be single
    etre celibataire
  5. to be sick
    etre malade
  6. to be tired
    etre fatigue
  7. to be ready
    etre pret/prete
  8. to be late
    etre en retard
  9. to be on time
    etre a l'heure
  10. to be early
    etre en avance
  11. to be in a hurry
    etre presse
  12. to be crazy
    etre fou/folle
  13. to be pleased
    etre content/e
  14. to be displeased
    entre mecontent/e
  15. to be upset
    etre fache/e
  16. to be hot
    etre chaud/e
  17. to be cold
    etre froid/e
  18. to be lukewarm
    etre tiede
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