History 311 Chapter 18

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  1. What is the progressive impulse?
    The progressives had unprecedented succes building alliances that transcended class and political party affiliation. Used regulation to safeguard the public challenged by the laissez-faire notion.
  2. What were the Progressives views on pleasure?
    They deplored what they saw as the twin evils of drink and prostitition rampant in working class neighborhoods. The relentless pursuit of pleaseure by both upper and lower class signaled the overall moral decay of americans
  3. What is progressivism?
    a broad term used to describe a shared philosphical approach rather than a formal orgranized movement
  4. Did the progressives form party lines?
    no, they built cross class party coalitions. included women
  5. When was it placed in the constitution to allow women to vote?
  6. What is social gospel?
    brought on by the progressives, the religious beliefs that Christians had a responsibility an ethically sound and morally upright society.
  7. Who articulated the moral values that shaped the progressives and what were they?
    Jane Addams and Florence Kelly: sanitation, playgrounds, eliminating saloons, hrs spent at work, wrkplace accidents
  8. What three consecutive presidents embraces progressive reform?
    Willaim Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt
  9. What did president roosevelt do in the 1902 coal strike?
    He sided with the strikers and threatened to send troops if the capitalist did not nogatiaate.
  10. What is the Interstate Commerce Commission?
    Created in 1887 to addres Populist Prty criticism of high railriad freight rates and rebates.Congress and the supreme court struggled with how much power to give it but roosevelt stood firm on ICC power. Telephone was placed under it too.
  11. What happened in the 1912 election?
    Wilson, Roosevelt and Taft ran against each other. Roosevelt and Taft split the republican vote. Wilson won even though combined, taft and roosevelt had 70% of popular vote.
  12. What is the 16th ammendment?
    it created the first federal income tax to offset the tariffs from foreign tariffs.
  13. What is the federal reserve act?
    a federally run Federal Reserve to serve as a bankers bank that held a portion of bank funds in reserve to help member banks in times of crisis. Set rates for business loans and issued new national paper currency
  14. What were the views on forestry and parks and by whom?
    Roosevelt: conservation and Muir: Preservation.
  15. What is welfare capitalism?
    the notion of using benefits to gain workers' loyalty, aimed to improve worker morale and weaken interest in unions
  16. When did henry ford build his first car?
    in his garage in 1896. and the model t came out in 1908.He was popular because he paid twice the wages and offered other incentives.
  17. What is scientific management?
    the effort to use scientific knowledge for maximizing output and profit. popularized by winslow taylor using stop watches to see how long certain areas took
  18. What was the industrial works of the world? (IWW)
    formed in 1905 envisioned to be the one big union that welcomed all workers regardless of sex, race, ethnicity or skill. Members were called wobblies. Government harrassment limited its membership to 10000
  19. What is the ludlow massacre?
    4/20/1914 a colorado mine went on strike and were explelled from their homes. troops were sent in and 13 women died because the saught shelter in a cave that caught ablaze. The progressives lost and rockafeller won
  20. Who is Carry Anne Nation?
    She is a women who was against saloons. hatchet was her weapon of choice
  21. How man children worked in factories and what changed it?
    1.75 million 10-15 yr old worked in factories. It was 1/10th of the families income. Wilson made an attempt to protect the children, and then progressives lost and not until the 1930's did the federal govt regulate child labor laws
  22. Who was Upton Sinclair?
    He was a novelist that wrote the Jungle which exposed meat plants that put everything in their sausages, including human fingers and such. 1906 pure food act and meat inspection act were put in place because of his book
  23. What are mudrakers?
    1906 journalist David Graham Phillips accussed senators of having to close of ties with Big Business. Roosevelt urged the men with the mudrakes to stop stirring up corruption
  24. What is the 17th ammendment?
    1913 allowed voters rather than state legislatures to elect federal senators
  25. What was separate but equal plessy v ferguson and what happened as a result?
    1896 supreme court ruling, southern states pushed to pass laws that formally segregated every public facility from rail road to water fountains.
  26. How was Booker T Washington?
    Former slave, was determined to get an education ath the Virginia Institute. Established his own school in 1881, the Tuskegee Institute. Roosevelt honored him at the white house.
  27. Who was Henry McNeal Turner?
    Methodist minister told blacks to leave the country and immigrate to Africa.
  28. Who was W.E.B. Du Bois?
    the first african american to attend harvard. 1906 established the national association for the advancement of colored people. Jim crow laws were not overturned until the 1950-60's
  29. What was the Clayton Anti-Trust Act
    1914 the act prohibited interlocking company directories, the practice of setting up shadow companies that appeard to compete but were actually run by the same board of directors.
  30. What was the federal trade commission?
    a federal agency with the pwer to order companies to cease undair trading practices whose dicisions were subject to court review.
  31. What is initiative?
    provided a way, usually by gathering signatures on petitions, for the electorate to introduce legislation nefore state legislatures.
  32. What is a referendum?
    Put lefislative proposals on the ballot letting the voting public decide whether a measure became law
  33. What is a recall?
    used special elections to remove unpopular pffocoa;s from office before their term expired.
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