Music 110

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  1. What will you cover in music 110?
    • Western art
    • Composer biographies
    • History surrounding music
  2. Concert ettiquite includes...
    • Determining ticket policy
    • The way you dress
    • Reading the work before hand
    • Don't ever leave the performance half way through
  3. What is a melody?
    A coherent sucession of single pitches.
  4. What is sound made of?
  5. What is a note?
    A musical symbol of sound.
  6. What is a tone?
    A tone is defined by pitch and duration.
  7. What is a pitch?
    A pitch is how a sound is measured in how high or low it is.
  8. What is an interval?
    An interval is the distance between two pitches.
  9. What is a range?
    A range is the distance between the highest or lowest tones.
  10. What is a shape?
    A shape is the direction of the melody
  11. Conjuct Movement is....
    small movements in adjacent intervals
  12. disjuct movement is....
    Movement by large disjointed intervals
  13. What is a phrase?
    A phrase is a unit of meaning with a larger structure
  14. A cadence is?
    A rest or pause
  15. What is a rhyme scheme?
    It means a phrase will align
  16. What is a countermelody?
    It is a second melody added to a melody
  17. What is a rhythm?
    A rhythm is a length or duration of individual notes
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