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  1. Photosynthesis
    The conversion of light energy into chemical energy
  2. Mitochondrion
    Organelle found in Eukaryotic cell. A source of energy. Power house of the cell.
  3. Chloroplast
    A plastid in which chlorophylls are contained. The site of photosynthesis.
  4. Chlorophyll
    A green pigment in plant cells. A receptor of light energy in photosynthesis.
  5. Sporopollenin
    A polymer. Covered pollen.
  6. Sporophyte
    Diploid. Gametophyte is haploid.
  7. Cuticle
    Outer layer of epidermis on plant leaf.
  8. Stomata
    Pores on leaves for respiration and water evaporation.
  9. Xylem
    Conductive tissue (nutrients and photosynthates).
  10. Eustele
    A type of conducting tissue.
  11. Seed
    A dormant seedling.
  12. Vascular Cambium
    Meristematic tissue (giving rise to xylem and phloem).
  13. Secondary Thickening
    Extended cell wall deposition.
  14. Pollen
    Male gametophyte in conifers and flowering plants.
  15. Sperm
    May be motile or non-motile.
  16. Double Fertilization
    Character of flowering plants.
  17. Covered Ovule
    Female reproductive structure, becomes a seed after fertilization.
  18. Xylem vessels
    Water conducting large cells. Characteristic of angiosperms (flowering plants).
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