Abdominal Muscles (HGA)

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  1. Rectus Abdominis Origin:
    Pubic symphysis and pubic crest
  2. Rectus Abdominis Insertion:
    Xiphoid process; 5th - 7th costal cartilages
  3. Rectus Abdominis Innervation:
    Thoracoabdominal nerves and anterior rami of inferior thoracic nerves
  4. Rectus Abdominis Action:
    flexes trunk and compresses abdominal viscera, stabilizes and controls tilt of pelvis
  5. Rectus Abdominis Blood Supply
    superficial and deep epigastric artery and vein
  6. External Oblique Muscle Origin:
    External surfaces of 5th - 12th ribs
  7. External Oblique Muscle Insertion:
    linea alba, pubic tubercle, and anterior half of iliac crest
  8. External Oblique Muscle Innervation:
    Thoracoabdominal nerves and subcostal nerves
  9. External Oblique Muscle Action:
    compress and support abdominal viscera, flex and rotate the trunk
  10. External Oblique Muscle Blood Supply
    superior and inferior epigastric artery and veins
  11. Internal oblique muscle Origin:
    thoracolumbar fascia, anterior 2/3 of iliac crest, lateral half of inguinal canal
  12. Internal oblique muscle insertion:
    inferior border of 10th-12th ribs, linea alba, and pubis via conjoint tendon
  13. Internal Oblique Muscle Innervation:
    thoracoabdominal anterior rami of inferior six thoracic nerves; first lumbar nerve
  14. Internal oblique muscle action:
    compress and support abdominal viscera, flex and rotate trunk
  15. Internal Oblique Muscle Blood Supply:
    superficial and deep superior and inferior epigastric artery and vein; lumbar artery and vein
  16. Transversus abdominis origin:
    internal surface of 7th - 12th costal cartilages, thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest, lateral third of inguinal ligament
  17. Transversus abdominis Insertion:
    linea alba with aponeurosis of internal oblique, pubic crest, and pectin pubis via conjoint tendon
  18. Transversus abdominis Innervation:
    thoracoabdominal anterior rami of inferior six thoracic nerves and first lumbar nerve
  19. Transversus abdominis Action:
    compresses and supports abdominal viscera
  20. Transversus abdominis blood supply:
    superficial and deep inferior epigastric artery and vein; lumbar artery and vein
  21. Psoas Muscle Origin:
    transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae; sides of bodies T12-L5 and the intervening intervertebral discs
  22. Psoas Muscle Insertion:
    by a strong tendon to lesser trochanter of femur
  23. Psoas Muscle Innervation:
    lumbar plexus via anterior branches of nerves L2-L4
  24. Psoas Muscle Action:
    acting inferiorly with iliacus → flexes thigh

    action superiorly → flexes vertebral column laterally used to balance trunk while sitting

    acts inferiorly with iliacus to flex trunk
  25. Psoas Muscle Blood Supply:
    Lumbar artery and vein
  26. Quadratus Lumborum Origin:
    medial half of inferior border of 12th rib and tips of lumbar transverse processes
  27. Quadratus Lumborum Insertion:
    iliolumbar ligament and internal lip of iliac crest
  28. Quadratus Lumborum Innervation:
    Anterior Branches of T12 and L1-L4 nerves
  29. Quadratus Lumborum Action:
    extends and laterally flexes vertebral column fixes 12th rib during inspiration
  30. Quadratus Lumborum Blood Supply:
    Lumbar artery and vein
  31. Iliacus Muscle Origin:
    superior 2/3 of iliac fossa, ala of scrum, and anterior sacroiliac ligaments
  32. Iliacus Muscle Insertion:
    lesser trochanter of femur and shaft inferior to it, and to psoas major tendon
  33. Iliacus Muscle Innervation:
    Femoral Nerve (L2-L4)
  34. Iliacus Muscle Action:
    flexes thigh and stabilizes hip joint, acts with psoas major
  35. Iliacus Muscle Blood Supply
    Lumbar artery and vein
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Abdominal Muscles
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