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  1. What is the digital divide?
    The gap between those who have access to new technology (info rich) and those who don't (info poor)
  2. What is the example of American radio v. European radio referencing?
    American radio was set up with a commercial mandate, while Great Britain was set up with a public mandate.
  3. Can you identify multiple mandates for media outlets?
    Yes, but one is typically primary.
  4. When it comes to analyzing media system mandates, it's important to remember ______?
    each is merely a chacteristic type. The big picture is that media industries constantly blend mandates.
  5. What industry is most influenced by these mandates?
    broadcast media.
  6. Who pays for all mandates?
    You, the consumer.
  7. Whom do commerical mandates serve?
    The people likely to make them most profitable.
  8. What are media supported by advertising called?
    dual product markets because media create products for a target group and then sell that group to advertisers for them to buy air.
  9. What are the three questions to ask for mandates?
    • 1. Who pays for media?
    • 2. Whom does it serve?
    • 3. What determines success?
  10. In the past, magazine and tv aimed at broad audiences, how has this changed?
    No they want to reach more narrowly focused audiences with products taht are geared toward particular demographics.
  11. What determines the successs for commercial media?
  12. What medium operates as a free market?
    No medium!
  13. Who pays for public mandates?
    You, the consumer through taxes.
  14. Who do public mandates serve?
    Its citizens.
  15. What is a mixed mandate system?
    vital public system remains, but a commercial system has developed alongside it.
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