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  1. Haven`t you eat lunch yet?
    Hiru-gohan mada (deska)?
  2. Not yet. Let`s go together.
    Mada (des). Issho ni iki-masho.
  3. Excuse me, give me water please.
    Sumimasen, mizu kudasai.
  4. Lets go for lunch together.
    Issho ni hiru-gohan ni iki-masho.
  5. Please wait a moment.
    Chotto matte kudasai.
  6. How is Japan?
    Nihon wa doh (deska)?
  7. I like it.
    Suki (des).
  8. Do you like Japanese cuisine?
    Nihon ryori suki (deska)?
  9. Yes, it`s delicious.
    Hai, oishi (des).
  10. What kind of cuisine do you like?
    Donna ryori suki (deska)?
  11. I like Italian cuisine.
    Itaria ryori suki (des).
  12. What will we eat?
    Nani tabe-maska?
  13. How about Pasta?
    Pasta wa doh deska?
  14. What king of sports do you like?
    Donna supotsu suki (deska)?
  15. I like golf.
    Gorufu suki (des).
  16. What kind of Japanese food do you like?
    Donna nihon ryori suki (deska)?
  17. For example, nabe, tempura, shabu shabu.
    Tato-eba, nabe, tenpura, shabu shabu.
  18. Are there any good restaurants?
    Oishi resutoran ari-maska?
  19. Yes, there are many.
    Hai, takusan ari-mas.
  20. It is a wonderful interior.
    Subarashi interia (des-ne).
  21. But the food is not so good.
    Demo ryori wa chotto dame (des-ne).
  22. This is rare. What is this?
    Kore wa mezurashi (des-ne). Nan deska?
  23. Crab.
    Kani (des).
  24. Is it delicious?
    Oishi (deska)?
  25. A little strange.
    Chotto hen (des).
  26. Please give me more.
    Motto kudasai.
  27. My order has not come yet!
    Ryori wa mada (deska)?!

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Restaurant Phrases
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