Disorders of GI

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  1. Stomatitis

    s/s & treatment
    inflammation of mucous membranes

    s/s: pain mouth ulcers
  2. Dysphagia

    cause, treatment, tests
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • causes: CVA, esophageal diverticuli, tumors
    • Tests: flouroscope to make sure laynx rises
  3. Oral Cancer

    cause, tests, treatment
    • CAUSE: smoking tobacco, alcohol, HPV
    • TEST: physical exam, biopsy
    • TX: readiation/chemo, airway protection, tube feedings
  4. Esophagus Cancer

    cause, s/s, tests, Tx, NI
    • CAUSE: smoking, alcohol, GERD
    • S/S: progressive dysphagia
    • foul breath
    • feeling of fullness in throat
    • regurgitation
    • TESTS: barium swallow, EGD
    • Tx: prevent GERD, stop smoking/alcohol
    • NI: give bland meals, monitor for food leakage in mediastinum
  5. S/S of food leakage in mediastinum

    What is this associated with?
    S/S: pain increased temp dyspnea

    Associated with esophagus cancer
  6. Hernia

    s/s, Tx, NI
    • S/S: indigestion
    • belching
    • epigastric pain that increase
    • when lying
    • Tx: Wt. reduction, no tight cloths antacids, elevate HOB

    NI: remain in upright pos. 2hrs after eating, no heavy lifting, avoid irritating foods (chocolate,alcohol,cafffeine,fatty foods)
  7. GERD
    (Gastro-esophageal Refulx Disease)

    S/S, Tests, Tx, NI
    S/S: reflux, dyspepsia, pain, bleching, flatulence, bloating

    • TESTS: EGD
    • TX: no spicy foods/that relax sphincter
    • take (proton pump inhibitors)
    • NI: stay upright 2-3hr aftering, no tight cloths, sleep with HOB elevated 4-6
  8. Name 3 proton pump inhibitors.

    What is Fundoplication?

    How are these concepts related?
    Nexium, prilosec,pepsid

    fundoplication: surgery where the fundus of stomach is removed

    Drug therapy and possible treatment for GERD.
  9. Barrett's esophagus...

    Acid reflux...
    disorder that devolps d/t continued irritation of GERD/percancerous lesions develp in esophagus/can develop into esophagus cancer

    cause ulcers and dental caries
  10. Gastroenteritis

    causes, s/s, Tx
    inflammation of stommach and sm. intestine

    CAUSE: contaminated food/water (viral, bacteria,parasites)

    S/S: nausea,diarrhea,abd cramping/distention, gever, elevated WBC, blood/mucous in stool
  11. Gastritis

    cause, s/s, Tx
    inflammation of the mucosus memebran of the stomach that can cause GI hemorrhage

    CAUSE: H-pyloric bacteria, alcohol, NSAID, steroids, asprin

    S/S: anorexia, nausea, comiting, pain, tenderness, may vomit blood (sudden hemorrhage)

    Tx: NPO, antispasmotics, no spicy foods
  12. Peptic Ulcers

    cause (#1), common site, S/S
    • CAUSE: H-pylori(#1)
    • prolonged stress (stimulates vagus nerve and decreaseperfusion of stomach)
    • NSAIDS/TYLENOL (GI bleeding)
    • -max 2gm/day
    • COMMON SITE: duodenum
    • S/S: epi pain, burning, gnawing, increased before meals/ @bedtime
  13. GI Bleeding

    S/S, NI, Tests, Tx
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